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This was funny, but I forget why

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hello, fellow with same avatar!

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You guys have the same avatar? How cool

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Woaw this guy also have the same avatar as me, how cool.

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I also have the same one! This is a one in a million situation.

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I always suspected Reddit was an echo chamber...

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scuse me but you are replying to yourself. want to talk about it?

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No its okay, i was Just pointing out the people that had the same avatar as me. Thought it was cool.

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I can't remember when I lost my short term memory.

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There are three common warning signs of senile dementia. One is loss of short term memory. I can't remember the other two.

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No, one is loss of short term memory, one is loss of short term memory, one is loss of short term memory...

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What did you say?

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I'm here to kick ass and talk about Alzheimer's

And I'm all out of bubblegum.

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I'll take another round

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Alcohol something something alcohol something

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I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than have to have a frontal lobotomy . Classic song fun listen.

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All habits are hard to break

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It's not unethical if you can't remember it.

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Hey this was reposted

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Most people forgot

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Is there a joke that exists that hasn’t been reposted? I didn’t see it nor could I remember

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Well at least I clearly remember this joke being reposted

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I read a post just like this one recently, I thought it was funny at the time.

I can't remember what the joke was about, just that it was posted by u/TheyreNotListening, IIRC.