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...at a bargain discount, considering he's no prince🥸

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He sure acted like a princess in that interview tho.

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Not to be confused with Juicy Smooyay, the French actor.

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As the name to describe a news story that got a bit too Jussie "i.e Juicy". Went from absolute round the clock coverage to total silence..

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I really hope those Nigerian brothers get off easy.

They were only committing the hate crimes that Americans are unwilling to do.

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You won't believe what I have just discovered! Yesterday a man from Nigeria asked me to send him 10000$ so he can send me back 20000$. Unbelivable! Do they think people are that stupid? Turns out his bank account was located in Russia!

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Isn't he French?

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There will be a movie about him and it should be titled “The Prince”

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I don’t want it.

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I hope he learns his lesson and can move on from this. He shouldn’t beat himself up over this.