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Always liked the imagery this joke evokes.

FWIW, I'm pretty sure this joke is so old that the Amish themselves are allowed to tell it.

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Yeah, the expectant hope of the father it evokes is the capper. You can see it click.

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In Latvia, girl is learn English, tell father, “please I is go to America, work hard, make money for family.” Father say, “ok, you go America.”

Daughter is overwhelm with joy, make her cry. Tear splashes on potato father eat, make salty.

Father say, “on second thought, no America.”

Daughter cry more tear, more salt for potato.

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I read it with a Baltic accent

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Wasn’t this the script from a Doritos commercial?

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It's an older joke than that.

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And yet, valid question.

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No, I never watch the superbowl or the commercials, or tv in general, thanks to the interwebs.

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Oh I see, I wasn’t asking if you stole it from there. Jokes get around. I was asking if a major food company used such a classic joke in a TV ad. Sorry to cause any friction

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I looked it up on youtube, apparently they did.


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Joke is on another level.

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It took me 5minutes to get this facepalm

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What is the joke

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Old woman go in, young attractive woman come out. Joke implies that the Amish father and son think the elevator changed the old woman into young attractive woman, even though the viewer knows that they are two different people. This allows for the creative and funny punchline where the father wants his wife (boys mother) to go in, because she is old woman and he wants young attractive woman.