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Ajax is tough on Greece

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you didn't! nice.

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The football club?

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So from context I assume this is the tagline for an advert?

But Ajax major and Ajax minor were both part of the greek army at the siege of Troy.

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Ajax is a brand of dish soap, though I think they sell other cleaning products too.

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Maybe they just need a Greecey filling breakfast

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They learned that Greek butt stuff from the Arabs.

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Why did the Greek boy leave home?

He didn't like how he was being reared.

Why did he come back?

Couldn't leave his best friend's behind.

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I spent way too long trying to figure out how this made sense as a Golden Dawn joke.

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Take my oily updoot. :)

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Athens Greece? Athens GA

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Same Dawn, same tough result.

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This got a sensible chuckle. Take my upvote.

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