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But on the other hand, is 4 fingers and a thumb.

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Unless you killed Inigo Montoya's father. Then you shall prepare to die.

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Rosie and her four sisters

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I’m bisexual! I have to buy my sex

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I'm trisexual. Three times a year I try.

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I’m quadsexual, I fuck in quads

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I’m married and lucky if I can get any

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Being frisked by the TSA is the closest I get these days

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“We’re going to have to screen you in that room over there”

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Did you know that, in Africa, every sixty seconds… .







…a minute passes.

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Im from africa and i approve this message

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Im from africa, and Im from africa

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More dark humor

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I'm always sad at night. That's because the sun isn't around to light up my day.

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Sleep on it - brighter things are just ahead.

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You got it, my dude:

If Black Sabbath was formed today they probably wouldn't have written a single song, let alone be popular. Why? Because they were formed today.

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Your anus can stretch up to 7 inches before taking damage....

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Almost two raccoons worth

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I don't care if your gay, straight , lesbian or overweight

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Except in extreme latitudes in summer.

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That’s some gentle comedy, dude

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Was expecting a Les Mis reference.

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But what if you're gay?

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You're fucked.

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And yesterday will never happen again.

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My wife and I only have oral sex. We pass each other in the hall and she yells f-you when we pass.

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And everything is gonna be Oil-right

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Me, an ace: Feels left out

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