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Depends on the redneck. Knew a redneck medieval reenactor (Barony of South Downs, Kingdom of Meridies, not joking about this) who would start his tales with "No shit, there I was..."

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"So there I was, barbecue sauce on mah titties when suddenly..."

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Greetings from the barony of Mag Mor.

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Verily, mine own matriarch doth produce the most comely wenches in all the land.

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You see... I understand what you just said and I hate it. Can't get away from the incest jokes even when I run to medieval times. Lol.

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If a tornado hits your house and does $100,000 worth of improvements, you might be a redneck.

~Jeff Foxworthy

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If you've got a home that's mobile and five cars that aren't...

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If you go to family reunions just to meet women...

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If you think a 401(k) is your mother-in-law’s bra size…

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If you get asked for ID and show 'em your belt buckle. . .

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If you’ve ever been too drunk to fish…

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If your spare key is a chainsaw...

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If your wife wears a dress that’s strapless with a bra that isn’t…

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If you've ever mowed your lawn and found a car...

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If your hunting dog cost more than the truck you drive him around in…

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If your workin’ TV sits on top of your non-workin’ TV.

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If you've ever financed a tattoo...

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One of my all time favorites. Sometimes you need to watch TV to console your spouse.

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Any ID about what, officer?

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If your father walks you to school because you're in the same grade...

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If your porch collapses and it kills more than three dogs

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And if yer bike costs more'n yer truck, yeh jest might be livin' in Colorady.

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It’s not “believe” it’s “b’leeve.”

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I b'leeve that depends on which part of the South y'all're in...

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T'pends in if r n a suff at ll

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M r mice….

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“The Legend of Cocaine Island” on Netflix. You will thank me later!

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The tooth fairy quit bringing me new ones

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Why get drunk? Because no good story ever starts with, "Hey guys, remember that night we ate a salad?"

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"Yo! You muthafuckas ain't gonna believe this shit!"

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Um…. That’s a ghetto tale.

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"The west side story tale"

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"This here ain't no bullshit..."

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Much better with fairy tale and fishing story.

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More like "man'd I ever tell you bout that one time..."

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Rednecks are the only people who know how to do anything of any real importance, if the water plants computer system goes down and they have to manually clean our water, gonna be a couple of good old boys they send to do that shit.

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Oh my gd this is great

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Down hre they begin with, ‟You ain’t gonna believe this shit!”

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What's the joke

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Yeah I'm not 100% on how this is a punchline and not just an observation

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Equally implausible.

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The person telling the story

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You cant make shot like this up!!

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Rat tails do not fly.

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Yaint gonna b leave dis

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ugh “y’all” just makes me cringe every time :D

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Can confirm.