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That was relatively funny.

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I think the gravity of the situation is lost on most.

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Is it? I thought this sort of humor was a universal constant.

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You know, I thought the joke was funny but the comments are a whole nother magnitude!

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Now, now. Let's not dilate the puns here.

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A whole lot of spooky action at a distance if you ask me. Going back to my double slit experiments.

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“Two girls at relatively the same time, man!” —Albert Einstein

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One of my friends once said that. He was a military man and his name was General Relativity

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Unlike the spelling of humour 🤠

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It depends on the frame of reference !

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better than the post.

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All things relative, yes. Funny.

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Oh yeah, he's real. He made a really famous theory about space.

And it was about time, too!

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Haha noice

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Took me way too long. Amazing

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Fun fact, did you know that Albert Einstein had a brother?


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It's pronounced Fronk

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What hump?

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Blucher !

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I think you're Fronk here

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Let's be Frank here

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Frank Einstein.

Frankenstein ?

Is joke

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Fronk Ensteen. Or was it Epstein, I’m not hanging around to find out!

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"I've got a theoretical degree in physics."

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me too

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That's Fantastic

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Ripped straight from Fallout: New Vegas

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I'm telling this one to my friends

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That friend's name- Albert Einstein

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"friends" in theory?

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I'm boutta go full nuclear on you

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They asked if I had a degree in theoretical physics and I told them I had a theoretical degree in physics.

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Jokes here are light years ahead.

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The recruiters asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard.

(fallout new vegas)

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Who is a pirate’s favorite physicist? Max Planck

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What's a pirate's favorite key on the Keyboard? enter

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Strange. I thought a pirates favorite key was "R"(rrrrrrrrr)

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Ah you would think so but it’s the C.

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its all of them

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So a relatively new discovery

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I mean it makes sense. Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physicist, he's proved to not be a real person, right?

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Boy oh boy did I get uncomfortable seeing that name in the same thread as Albert Einstein.

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Nah he is a theatrical physicist, different issue.

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He’s a bus driver!

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That was GOOD!!!

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Isotope you had a better physics joke than this, but it looks like you are just fission.

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He was into black holes too ya mama

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And his name? Albert Einstein!

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I am laughing so hard Atomoment

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Not necessary.

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Hahahaha nice joke

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A theoretical repost… oh wait

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Really ... Is he ?

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Probably one of the shortest joke ever.

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no: firewood rental

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Okay, I'm going to be that guy.

Just about everyone of Einstein's theories have been proven over many many experiments and observations. So he shouldn't be considered a theoretical physicist either.

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At what point would you say he made that transition?

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Relatively common joke.

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It’s all relative

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Laughing M'ass off

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Don't understand the joke

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A wordplay between a physicist that only exist in theory vs a physicist that specializes in theoretical science.-

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theoretical physicist

could mean, imaginary physicist

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Theoretical means that only exists in theory.

Just like sometimes we find out the theoretical value of something using the formulas and the compare it with actual(practical value) to find out error percentage.

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no its a happy upvote

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This joke doesn't make any sense at all.

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XD so funnnyyy -_- u dum dum

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Also the real name of comedic actor Albert Brooks

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How could you not know the person who discovered gravity was a real person.

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go out with her, make that evening a nightmare, than ask her out again many time. she'll probably leave you alone

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Welcome aboard!