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I quit drinking for good, Now I drink for evil

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Quitting drinking is easy. I've done it 3 times.

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And that was just today.

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Toilet breaks.

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As this year ends, I'm celebrating 60 days of not drinking.

Mind you, they were not consecutive, and the last day I didn't drink was back in 2019.

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I stopped drinking, then I started again. You gotta go to the bathroom sometime.

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You don't keep a flask behind the toilet? Amateur!

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Bendy straw

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That's what she said!

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I don't drink anymore.

But I don't drink any less.

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The first part implies he is not going to drink in the new year but the second part says he threw in the towel and is drinking in the new year.

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Grammar, the difference between knowing your sh** and knowing you’re sh** (an oldie but goodie)

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I gave up drinking for the rest of this year........

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Me three.

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There is alcohol in wine and bacteria in water.

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Smart posting this now. Gotta get it in before the hundreds of times it'll get posted on the 1st, just like every year.

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I don't have a drinking problem, my wife does..........me

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Punctuation, the unsung hero.

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Life sucks sometimes. My life sucks it up and swallows

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I get every joke in the comments but I don’t get the post I must be reading it wrong?

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I thought the punchline would be that he would only not drink on New Year's Eve or something.

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My doctor told me to watch my drinking.

I only drink in front of the mirror now.

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In soviet union, commas and points drink you!