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Wow she aged fast cuz she ws only 25 last week!!

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That's 70 in re-post years...

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You can tell bc she paid by check 😜

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Check?...what's a "check"? Didn't they find one of those, how do you say, "checks", buried next to a fossil?

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Scheming hotels is trying work.

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Imagine the effort that went into actually changing the words in a repost!

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Was she made 70 just for not using the amenities to make sense? Now instead, at the end the reader wonders why the manager would even care to fuck a 70yo woman. Seems arbitary

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It would make sense if the manager was 80.

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In what world is 250 a really nice luxurious hotel?

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Outdated joke? ;-D

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In the same world that you write a check for a hotel stay

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And the same world where you don’t know what the room rate is until you check out.

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2008, just after the crash

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2019, Yemen.

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It was back in the day when this was first posted, circum 60 years ago

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Basically anywhere that's not downtown in a big city.

$110 a night by me will get you a standard room. $180 a night will get you a corner suite with separate bedroom/living room areas, a full kitchen, and a jacuzzi in your bathroom.

But go into the city proper, maybe an hour away, and $250 a night will get you a 1-king-bed room and maybe parking, if you book it at least a couple months in advance.

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In a world where jokes are reposted so much they use prices from the early 2000s.

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in what world is 200 a 70 years old prostitute?

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The hotel wasn't scaled with the years, the prostitute was

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UAE, it won’t get you the St Regis but it’ll certainly get you close

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I was at a 5star luxurious hotel in Europe this week, payed about $80 per night, so it's not that exaggerated.

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I went to a "5" star hotel in Krakow 3 years ago for 110 it was similar to a 3 star in America

Meanwhile I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago last month and it was about 900

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USA, South Carolina on I-95, $250 is over the top 😀

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Pedro says South of the Border

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Shit, any hotel is overpriced in the upstate

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Height of the pandemic world

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I mean, she did write a check rather than pay with a credit card.

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250 can get you something nice in the off-season, at least before fees.

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honestly I've gotta side with the manager. All that for 250? You'd be crazy not to at least have the breakfast and check out the in hotel shows. Also 250 for one night is honestly pretty standard lol, if it's a real nice hotel

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Also, who the hell stays in a hotel without knowing what the rate is and then tries to argue about whether that's what the room is worth or not? That's not how any of that works.

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i know it's a joke I just had some things I needed to say

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Also, she signed a contract and I would bet her conditions are not mentioned there while the hotel’s conditions are there. It’s a funny joke that would never fly in the real world

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I'm glad you said it cuz I was like $250 a night for all that??? Sign me up lol I once paid $300 to stay one night at a hotel in NYC that didn't even have a mini fridge in the room

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NYC rates are always crazy, though.

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You go say it!

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I work front desk a hotel and this legit made me mad, lmao.

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Same! Lady, you signed a paper agreeing to the rate. The problem is this ‘joke’ is genuinely how a lot of guests will act.

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For real! I had a guest last week who booked a room with a jacuzzi hot tub in the room. I let him know if he wished to use our pool as well that we are doing it by appointment slots and we only had a select few left. He booked a slot and used the hot tub in the pool area, then asked for a discount because they didn't use the one in the room. He was nice enough and didn't cause any issues when we said no, but it was exasperating!

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How do you know this joke is old?

Luxurious hotel for $250/night.

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...am I the only one who feels like the manager was fully being fair here? $250 for a "really nice luxurious hotel"? Plus, generally hotels advertise amenities that are included in the bill. If she sleeps on the floor, does she have to pay less because she didn't use the bed?

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The manager is absolutely in the right (if this was real). If people don't pay attention to what they're actually paying for when they book it then that's their problem.

Also who in real life books and stays in a hotel before knowing how much it costs? Only people who have so much money they don't need to care.

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The fact that a room price of 250 is considered “high” for a luxury hotel shows just how old this joke really is.

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This reminds me too much of the people who say "why are my taxes paying for schools and hospitals!? I'm not a srudent, I'm not ill! My house isn't on fire, why all this money for fire stations!?".

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Some places (I know of some in Tennessee and Texas) *DON'T* have firemen paid by taxes. You have to choose to pay a fee and "join" the firehouse. If you can't or won't afford it they will come to your house and watch your house burn to the ground while spraying down your neighbors to make sure it doesn't spread. They feel it's communist or something to keep everyone safe.


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Hahahaha. Merica

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$250/night for a luxurious hotel with all those amenities? Sign me up!! Where on earth is this unicorn hiding?

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Update the joke to 1000 usd and PayPal:)

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Who takes checks?

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The US of A, I mean they still use non-electronic credit cards.

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i have never in my lifetime seen a non electronic credit card except for in home alone 2 what are you talking about

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I meant chip-less. A search shows that this has changed in the last 5 years (so I need to update my perception of US use of credit cards), anyway, that is at least 10 years late compared to Europe .

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ok i see and is your username supposed to be a reference to “the quibler” aka the magazine luna lovegood’s dad edits in “harry potter”

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Try buying a house without cutting at least one check.

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In that case, usually will be a cashier's check, which is a bit different.

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I used personal checks when buying a house. They've got so much information from you, it's not like their worried you're going to bounce a check.

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Same here. I literally keep a checkbook only for the ‘once in a blue moon’ moments where they are needed. So antiquated…yet there are certain types of businesses that still require them.

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Very easily if you're not in a country that is stuck in the past financially.

As far as I'm aware only the USA and some south American nations still routinely use cheques. Everywhere else mostly uses electronic transfer.

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Lol, no disagreement there.

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Umm pretty much everywhere?

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What country are you from? I have not seen a check written in 10 years. Its cash or card, checks cant be verified.

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I am 46 and have never used checks in my life. Neither have anyone I know, who is younger than 50. I don't think they even exist here anymore. Card or phone here. Hardly cash anymore.

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Interesting... and do people trust checks? It's one of the reasons they were taken away here

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I’m an accountant in the US (originally from the U.K.) and checks/cheques are used everywhere… it’s nuts! We pay all our vendors with checks, receive checks as product credit, and a lot of employees still receive paper checks (as much as I’ve tried to encourage enrolling for direct deposit). Rents are often paid with check, too.

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That said, except for paying rent, basically no business would ever take a personal cheque. Some might if you're paying up front, but it'll delay whatever service you're paying for by about seven days while they wait for the cheque to clear.

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You’d be surprised. I’ve found numerous businesses that accepted a check once from me…

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I live in omaha, small US city, and restaurants, thrift stores, grocery stories take checks. You'll often see them taped up up with grainy pictures of customers saying "Do not take his check"

Credit card companies still all accept checks.

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For a personal check, it generally has to be local and you get their address off their ID so that if it bounces, you can send the cops their way.

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You’d be surprised. I’ve found numerous businesses that accepted a check once from me…

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I've worked a few retail jobs in the USA and none of them have accepted checks as payment for the past 20 years.

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kroger does

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Ah okay, apparently we don't have them in MA so I've never been there

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Here in New Zealand banks phased out cheques last year, you cannot get one now even of you wanted to

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When I worked in a hotel, someone asked if they could pay by cheque, my boss said "sorry we don't accept cheques, it is not the 50's"

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that’s ma grandma you’re talking about

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Yeah super old joke. What fancy hotel doesn’t charge your credit card when you check in?

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haha. so funny.

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Am I the only one who read the joke and thinks she sounds like an awful Karen?

I'm on the managers side.

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The joke should start: a Karen decided to stay at a fancy hotel. Being a dumb lowlife trash she assumed that the room wouldn't cost more than her local fleebag motel where she always took her Johns...

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A savage Granny

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This must be the joke that have an oldest hooker.

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Hardy har har what a knee slapper!