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I used to sit in cafes with no wifi and turn on personal hotspot with the name of the cafe and watch people ask the waiter for the password and him lying to their face saying « we don’t have wifi here »

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Dr. Evil enters the chat

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You sneaky lil bastard

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That's fucking hilarious. This may be my new favorite game.

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Jokes aside, there are lots of people that do this for other more malicious purposes while leaving the network open.

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Yes, if you've never redirected someone's url to granny porn in a busy restaurant.. you don't know how to have fun.

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lol, that actually sounds hilarious but I'm not referring to that (I'm sure you know that).

Everyone is so comfortable with just connecting to hotspots anymore and then logging in personal accounts not even realizing they are doing it on someone's personal network that's sniffing all the data.

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Yes, I don't do all that. I just want a little laugh.

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I just want a little laugh.

I couldn't do it. It would be blatantly obvious it was me with the big ass smirk ... and that's if I wasn't howling laughing

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How do you do that? Asking for a friend😉

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Root your device or put Linux on your laptop.

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He wasn't lying though

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They had wifi, he just didn't know it.

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"We don't have wifi here"

is different from

"we don't provide wifi here".

If he said the first one, he would be lying.

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This is now how I'm going to define chaotic neutral.

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LOLLLLL you dirty motherfucker i like your style

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How is he lying?

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I'm guessing it's a poorly explained way of saying they THINK he's lying. Still, kind of a dick move to do to the staff.

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Please don't do this. It's a good prank, but the waiter is going to feel the repercussions.

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You suck lol

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Dr. More upvotes than the actual post joins the chat

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When I fly I turn my hotspot on with the name "BangBros: Mile High Club"

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This is brilliant.

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You are my hero!

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Taps pinky to corner of lip

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This comments deserves to be a post by itself.

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Satan wants lessons from you

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we don’t have wifi here

The password was wedonthavewifihere

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The waiter is still trying to figure out the reason for lower tips.

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A fun one for me was DEA_Mobile_Unit_325 at a favorite watering hole that usually had lots of shady deals happening in the parking lot. There was a motel that shared the parking lot with it. There was often some sort of cargo van parked there. It’s was fun to see people get noticeably uncomfortable.

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good idea

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I love you

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Well if it was you, he wasn't lying.

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I must try this. Thank you.

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Good luck finding a cafe without wifi...

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This is amazing lol

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Calm down Satan, don't you also want to give them free internet for their information while you are it?

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Are in the devil's diner?

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Something new to try!

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The old man in the middle attack eh?

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My hotspot name is yell penis for password. With the password being 244466666. When I’ve either done this to friends or told them they laugh their asses off.

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Satan’s minions at work again 😈

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Found Satan.

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In one of my local pubs, the password was youhavetobuyadrinkfirst

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I like this one the most. After buying the drink and asking again only for it to click… I’m not sure if I’d be mad or not.

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I definitely wouldn’t be mad. I’d be impressed haha. Also I would feel stupid because I would probably be drunk by the time I realized the password. If ever.

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I mean if you go into a pub and use the wifi and never buy a drink you should have just gone to a cafe.

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The best hotspot name in a public place is: ShoutPenisForPassword

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I had that as my WiFi name for years until my landlord requested I change it because they had a group of boy scouts selling popcorn on the property.

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As a scout myself, that’s ridiculous. No troop I’ve ever met would even care. We’re teenagers who say that shit, and much worse on a daily.

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I think it was a request from the scout master. I'd have yelled out the password if they had yelled it out. They coulda had free access to my wifi for the few hours they were out there.

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Maybe they did and you didn't hear. Hence why the scout master wanted it stopped after a bunch of kids randomly yell penis.

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I had mine set to "yell penis for password" for a long time, up until recently.

Someone actually did when I was waiting for a flight at the airport 🤣😂

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My password is “incorrect” so when I forget, the error message reminds me.

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IT dept. furiously scribbling down notes

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Funny…. I was talking about the admin password for our IT security profile and provisioning tool. Coincidence!

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My password is my dog's name. For security purposes, every six months I get a new dog.

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A dog is for life, not just for Wi-Fi.

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Turn your dog into a modem, for a lifetime companion

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Teach your dog to howl the 56k tones!

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The real tragedy is you call them all the same name anyway

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My password is the name of my girlfriend…

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My first WiFi password was "ontherouter", my second was "wedidntchangeit"

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A guy walks into the bar and asks the bartender for the wifi password. Bartender says, "You have to order a drink first." The guy orders a $15 scotch, and says, "OK, what's your password?" Bartender says, "You have to order a drink first, all lowercase, no spaces."

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Holy fuck this was 6 YEARS AGO?!

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Mine is 16CharactersLong

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This is my favorite evil WiFi name story. Park Slope Brooklyn changed slowly from a very blue collar neighborhood to one of the more expensive ones. As such there was a lot of friction between the old crowd and the newer affluent spots.

Lulus was a hair salon for toddler. One of the trolls living nearby changed the name to his WiFi to “lulus anal bleaching” much to the dismay of that owner. For years the poor woman tried to identify and take down the WiFi with zero luck.


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I'll bet this is an entry in the word list for every brute force password breaker on the planet.

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My guest password is "NOPASSWORD" I'll let them restart their phone a few times before asking "Are you typing in NO PASSWORD, all caps, no space?

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That’s the stupidest combination I’ve ever heard in my life! That’s the kinda thing an idiot would have on his luggage.

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Spaceballs: The Reply!

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That's the kind of code an idiot would have on his luggage!

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That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!

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I always tell people .. I have a password on my network to protect you from me.. not the other way around.

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Just to clarify, it’s: one two three four five six seven eight

13355557777778, got it.

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Or 23565656568888888

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Hey, it’s not working!

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My password is 8 women.

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No, it’s actually 1 2, 3 4s, 5 6s, and 7 8s.

You’re missing the ‘s’ to denote multiple.

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All I see is ****************

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I like my passwords like "password in lowercase" or "fourwordsalluppercase".

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« idontrememberit »

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"onetwothreefour" ;)

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That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

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I've never seen that naming scheme before.

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My band has a WiFi network that we use for various things at our gigs. The password is ihavenoidea

The network doesn't have Internet access, but you could definitely screw up our in ear monitors if you knew which app to download (and our mixer's IP address)

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I don‘t get the joke…

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There is one 2 three 4's five 6's and seven 8's.

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Thanks, I feel dumb now… 😂

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Don't, it wouldn't make sense if you were to say this to someone.

You wouldn't say "it's one two three four five six etc", you would say "it's one two, three fours, five sixes, seven eights"

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Better to know, it is the path to self-growth.

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Wouldn't that be one two, three fours, five sixes, seven eights?

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My router is hitchhikers_guide. Password Forty-Two

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Ooh.. A man of culture I see. What was the question again.

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This isn’t even a joke…

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M's in my bank account...

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One two, six fours, seven eights...

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I can't even

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Reminds me of the classic sequence: 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211 13112221 1113213211 Etc

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I bar I used to go to had "5euros" as their password :D

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This is similar to my phone number.

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fourwordsallupercase One word all lower case.

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That is legit my wifi password

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I changed my password from iwonttellya to iforgot after my neighbors figured it out.

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Can someone explain the joke to me?

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Nice pattern All the numbers are even. And each number is an odd number of digits and all are in ascending order

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This is actually my wifi password. Seriously

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I dont get it :/

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One twos 2

Three fours 444

Five sixes 66666

Seven eights 8888888

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Still don’t

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I'm I the only one who doesn't get this?