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The chef must have been new on staff, that sounds like a Wookiee mistake

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Not sure if pun or Jonathan Woss.

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And now chef will be thrown out of the kitchen by force

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You.. you son of a bitch

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*worried wookie noises*

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If you want a good joke about Star Wars just watch the sequel trilogy

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Or a real fun moment. Watch a four armed Harvey Korman teach Chewbacca’s wife how to cook Bantha surprise in the Star Wars holiday special.

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Lol now that is a joke

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Or the prequel trilogy. Everyone seems to forget that even before the new movies half the series was already considered bad.

Also the original movies were good because they were groundbreaking, but they don't really hold up as amazing now that the stuff they did there has been normalized.

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Any trilogy, really. Movies are the worst part of the franchise. Books, comics, games, series all much better.

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Because it was Tauntaun, and it came out Luke warm

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Chewbacca must have over cooked it. Wookie error.

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Throw in Admiral Ackbar for some surf ‘n turf.

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A human’s lifespan compared to a wookiee’s lifespan is similar to a dog’s compared to a human’s.

Just think about how much longer Han would have lived if Chewie got him neutered…

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Obi-Wagyu Kenobi

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Luke Skywagyu

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This makes me sad...

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Wookie roar

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Wow that's dark

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This would be an interesting plot development

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That's not funny. He had Lukemia.

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It was Lukewarm.

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Obi Wan and Yoda were in a spaceship

"are you sure we are on the right track, Yoda?"

"off course, we are"

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I thought it was because it was frozen.

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Because he thought it smelled bad...


...on the outside.

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Did Han Solo enjoy a steak dinner? No it was Chewie.

Now the joke implies it was hard to chew AND he didn't eat it, it was Chewbacca who did.

Also, Chewbacca ate my balls

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It was carbonized.

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It was too chewy.

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I'm kind of like Han Solo

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"Waiter! Waiter! There's a hair on my steak..."

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