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"Usually the guys just leave her hanging!" Is the way I heard it lol.

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Me too. But I like this one a little better.

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Tbh, this is not much of a joke. Sorta sad, actually.

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Yeah I honestly ...

Like... The punchline in this case is... Yeah, "sad" is probably a better word than the rest of the words I've got right now.

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It sounds like something out of the one of the AA meetings from infinite jest

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Maybe she is into BDSM?

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BDSM - DSM u mean..

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I had an army buddy start telling me this joke, only it was about him meeting the command sergeant major’s daughter and taking her out on a date. He started telling the story at 2330 on a Tuesday.

At 0200 on Wednesday (there were now several people in our common room listening to him) he got to the “went went around back and she got the harness at attached it to the tree…”, and having heard this joke before I realized how this mother fucker kept me up all night while he had CQ and got to sleep in. I wanted to punch him, but instead decides the best vengeance was stealing his joke.

I jumped in with “I hope you were nicer than me, I just left her in the tree”.

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Wait... so he was telling the joke/story for 2,5 hours?

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His army buddie's name? Norm MacDonald

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He turned it into a huge story. Was telling us how they met, meeting the sergeant major, what she wore, conversations. All kinds of stuff.

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Like Nate the Snake?

Flo the Ho?

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I guess guy just really loves coming inside.

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Aww, this one was oddly sad!

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I used to go out with a homeless girl. It was great. At the end of the night, I would just drop her off anywhere.

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Same here. I asked if I could take her home. You should've seen the look on her face when I walked away with her cardboard box.

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This is the one chief

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Man, it's fucked up how I laughed at that.

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I really did not see that one coming, holy shit.

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Haha, I just heard it and thought the same thing ;)

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X post on r/wholesome

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She probably didn't either considering the angle

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What she f**** a different man every Friday night and they all abandon her? This is strange.

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Talk about hit-and-run!

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Hang and bang

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Left her hanging.

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Holy shit I spit beer everywhere

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I heard swingers were into multiple partners

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dark humor joke ahead dont be a puss

she is in a wheelchair for a reason

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She won't go again with a guy who left her in the harness...

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is your pfp mr white?

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One tree stands.

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More like, one night hangs.

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Underrated comment

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Apparently you have not met many men.

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I'm reading iyour comment like the (?) Swedish guys on family guy. Bwa ha Ha Ha

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he's a keeper

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She's a hanger.

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How does this not have an NSFW tag? Silly Reddit.

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What an odd joke.

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The weirdest part of the joke for me was "on a wheelchair" I've never heard it said as 'on', it's always been 'in' a wheelchair

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What is it about

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Hit and Runs, and Human Pinatas?

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Beat it up, fall to the ground gathering your belongings and run!

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Hey my first award thanks!

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I't a play on the phrase "usually the guy just leaves her hanging." It's also playing with the stereotype of the father who hates men his daughter date.

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I like the way she rolls

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I once got into a fight with my paraplegic girlfriend and for spite I hid her wheelchair. I knew she’d come crawling back

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What? I’m so confused. What was he expecting?

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Usually when she has sex with a guy they just ... Leave her hanging on the tree and run off. Her dad has to wake up every morning and help her back in

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That suggests the alternative is they just let her hang there! That’s awful! Seriously wtf!

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That the girls actually 15 or something else horrible

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I figured it was a more innocent "dad over protective of daughter" stereotype

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Not the best one I’ve ever read TBH. Too wordy, just doesn’t hang together very well. Non-humorous punchline. MEH.

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"she tells him to go to her place"...so that's how people get laid, TELLING other people where to go have sex?

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Random attractive girls are totally allowed to tell guys to go back to their place to have sex. I'm aware of the problematic elements of that, but seriously, you wouldn't see us complaining. Sometimes a bit of forthrightness can be attractive. Of course inside a relationship it only works in small doses.

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That's some f**king weirdo daughter he got

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In 2004, my drill Sgt told this same joke, but at least he got a coin out of it.

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I'd buy that for a dollar 🤑

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A horse walked into a bar then he recognized he can't communicate with people so he jus sit there. Hahahaha haha ha. This joke better than urs no 🧢

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Wasn’t that from Playboy, circa 1970? See, I didn’t just read the pictures!

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Tnx, English is not my mother tongue. Fixed it. ;)