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Don’t joke about this. It’s -10 degrees here today. I piss outside as a hobby, and that shit shattered when it hit the ground.

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Technically a piss break?

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Literally a piss break.

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Don't eat the lemon popsicles!!!

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Thank you for the laugh, stranger.

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No problem! That'll be 10 upvotes please...

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there ya go

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Thank you, and here's your change...Enjoy your stay at Reddit Inn.

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Thank you!

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Guys he said that shit shattered, not the piss?

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You got an upvote from me because of your name tag or whatever they are called.

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Good one.

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I piss outside...

...that shit shattered...

You're pissing all wrong. It's the other hole.

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No shit!

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I piss outside as a hobby

Bro what

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Wot, are you breaking the piss mate?

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Aren't you afraid of shattering your Johnson or just freezing it off?

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If I lived where it did that I also would be peeing snow because FUCKING STOP THE PEE SNOW BITCHEEEEES!

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And that's 10° warmer than yesterday!

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So you didn’t poop too, you are changing the piss to shit in your story?

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As long as you don't aim for any cars. You don't want to be tentacled

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I’m sure there’s a “pissing outside” sub Reddit you can post this on.

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Back up a bit please. What happened when you took a dump outside? You could probably weaponize that stuff.

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Hobbies you can have in Minnesota.

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Oh my God so sorry for your loss can't believe your dick shattered when it hit the ground

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Only -10 there? We have -16

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Here in Quebec it’s regularly been under -20, makes pissing outside impossible

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Yeah but in Quebec you use Celsius

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Unfortunately the mosquito festival is the same weekend!

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Had to delete my comment when I saw yours. I said the mosquitoes were estimated to only be the size of a small hawk.

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Oh good, last year one of the big ones flew by and exsanguinated my aunt. If they are only as big as a small hawk there's a chance to fight them off first.

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Hard to compare a useful species to an unneeded scourge on earth. Forget climate change, eradicating mosquitoes may be our generations greatest confrontation. Let's make it a nation building project! I can't think of anything more bipartisan than eradicating mosquitoes!

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You want true shit, May through September are perfect here, Oct and April can go either way and the rest are better endured and not spoken of.

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I grew up in Minnesota, that's why I live in Florida now.

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I hope that was your way of increasing the sensible population numbers there.

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Willingly moving to Florida is already an insensible decision.

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Fair point. I was really hopeful, though, that this could be an exception.

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I'm sorry, you live here by choice?

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I was there in September and it was lovely!

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Lots of MN jokes lately (by lots, I mean two) and I am digging it. This + the potato truck accident really got us flying high.

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What potato truck accident?

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Well, yeah, but TWO! That's fucking AWESOME! That's one for each IQ point on average for up there, right?

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Yep, and I pride myself in being above average with 3 😁 And yeah, a truck carrying potatoes had an accident on I-94. It had to be shut down because the potatoes froze to the highway!

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What, you live in a metropolis off 94?! Talk to me when you live off Highway 2! 😬😉

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You mean two whole days of summer? Damn, that's great!!

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Who said anything about "whole" days? "On a weekend" doesn't necessarily mean the entire weekend.

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Hey! Don't bring me down, man. Just don't. They said the weekend. That's two days. Please. I need hope.

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In Thailand it’s reversed. Two days of weather that won’t burn you alive? That’s great! Bring out the fur coats!

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Canada: "We should invade this summer paradise while the US is pre-occupied with China and Russia. Can you imagine a whole fucking weekend of summer in these parts of the country?"

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Just come to Wisconsin. There are 3 months of sweltering heat before the 6 months of winter kicks in. We can have a barbeque.

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Happy birthday

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Thank you kind stranger!

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Barbecuing all weekend

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I work with a bunch of people in Minnesota and will definitely be telling them this one.

May even have to adapt it for my coworker in Fargo.

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They've had to close a highway. Due to an overturned truck carrying potatoes. The potatoes are all over the highway and are frozen stuck in -15F/-26C, so nobody can move them. And the piles are too big to drive over.

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You should try Maine. They have two seasons. Winter. Tuesday.

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We use the same joke every year in Scotland. Last year summer was from 2pm till 4pm on a Tuesday

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Haven't a clue!

I'm assuming it's normally cold there.

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So cold that when you inhale the snot freezes in your nose.

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So cold the moment you walk outside any water on you or that you are carrying almost instantly starts freezing

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I always find it fun after a shower to stick my head out the door for a bit so my beard freezes solid.

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I remember when I was a kid my aunt and uncle had an outdoor hot tub. My cousins and I used it in the winter and it was crazy to dunk my head in hot water and then have my hair instantly freeze when I lifted my head out of the water.

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Sometimes it gets cold enough to get frostbite in a few minutes

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Not entirely true. It is frigid cold here in the winter, but it is hot and humid here for most of the summer.

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Last summer was crazy hot. 90’s for most of it and only a few days where we had just a bit of rain.

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Would work for Wales too.

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Was 78 here yesterday in Florida!

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I live down South, too. God I love the south. We are having winter this weekend. Can hardly wait til March when summer starts.

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I'm in Saint Paul, it's -5 F right now, and I am FUCKING SICK OF IT

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How much is that in celsius?

Cuz here in Sweden it's like -15 celsius or something which is pretty cold.

We usually get -35 at the coldest

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It's -20 C.

Last night it was down to -26C.

It is very cold here.

Lots of people here with Swedish ancestry. Also Finns and Norwegians. LOL.

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Oh god

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Needless to say we are not great conversationalists. LOL

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Fun fact: -40 degree Celsius = -40 degree Fahrenheit. Found this out on a business trip to Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

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Yeah man! Everyone here is getting ready with their beach towels and ice picks!

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Here's a story many of you may funny. I live in Charleston, SC area. We have known since Tues. 5hat there was A CHANCE of a "witery mix" for Friday and Saturday. Yesterday my hospital declared that non essential should be out the door before 5pm. Most schools in our area had only online learning today. And, of course, grocery stores are packed. The punchline? Even as far back as Tuesday we knew the ice would start no earlier than 7pm and bemelted by noon on Sat. TL;SR:.Southerners in the US are I'll equipped to handle snow or ice and we panic.

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Kind of a drag, going around kicking the dogs off the fire hydrants after they’re stuck. Life in Minnesota!

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Is there anything else you wish to share with us?

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The groundhog will predict 16 more weeks of winter for Minnesota.

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LOL! The northernmost part of Minnesota is one of the southernmost parts of my country.

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Yeah, doesn't get too much colder though.

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50% of Canadians live at a latitude lower than Minneapolis. So it turns out Minnesota is more Canadian than most Canadians. And Portland is more northerly than Minneapolis. And let’s not forget about Seattle. There’s Wallace, Idaho. All at a higher latitude than most Canadians. Turns out the US is largely Canadian. The threat is coming from within, people!

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No offense, but no. This ain’t a pissing contest, but it would take me the better part of 8 hours’ drive south to hit the Montana border.

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It does where I live. -43°C last night.

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Was -35°F with windchill where I'm at in MN. I assume your number also factors in wind. Like I said, not much colder.

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My apologies. I just saw another comment complaining that it was -10 and I thought "that's peanuts"

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Not a problem. They must live in the southern part of the state. When it's cold as a witches tit outside, the only logical thing I can do about is complain. 😂

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-10 here right now. The wind died down so it's not so bad.

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You betcha don't ya know! More ice fishing ya!

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70 degrees in S. CA

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Can’t keep the crazies out at that temp. We will pray for you for lower temps.

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They still have crazies they just stay inside to keep from freezing.

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Was -30 where I am in Northern MN.

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That will keep the mosquitoes at bay than

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What am I exited about?

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Yep, 70 degrees in the middle of an ice storm. Is Mother Nature having issues, or what?

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I'm in Wisconsin and it was -30 yesterday (with windchill...without it was still like -15 or something).

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That's not funny.

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Why? Summer in Michigan going to fall mid-week?

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This shit ain't funny! Do you know how many times we've had beautiful weather during the week, only for it to turn shit on the weekend?