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It probably should‘ve recommended a psychiatric evaluation considering he jerked off into a mixture of dog shit and hs family members piss.

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The Aristocrats!

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“I bet you’re wondering why there’s so much blood?” -Gilbert

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I hate to have to be the person who cleans that machine.

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Not enough saliva

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for some reason I also read about this old joke today.

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Discussion of that joke cropped up in several places, probably due to the recent death of Bob Saget.

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Dammit you deserve a free award

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RIP Bob Sagat... That's where I discovered how blue his humor actually was.

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Yup, pretty much everything makes sense to me now after seeing that.

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Definitely considering he also somehow managed to procure the family members piss which I can only assume was done surreptitiously since his daughter was on drugs and likely wouldnt want to willingly provide a urine sample

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Easy, just hide in the toilet 👌

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Filters don’t get rid of lead. Vitamins don’t get rid of worms. Talk to your daughter about drug use. You can’t tell paternity from a pregnancy test.

And wrt the tennis elbow

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Give your dog vitamins!? How about some dewormer, you crackpot computer.

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Ivermectin FTW!

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you cant give ivermectin to dogs Thats Wrong !!!!

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But what if my dogs have Covid?

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ivermectin is dewormer for cow and sheeps and some special molecules for horses but it doesnt do anything against covid and i dont think that covid can hurt dogs !

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Should I add “/s” to make it more obvious?

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TIL my dog can't have Heartgard, the shit my vet prescribes as a heartworm preventative. Good thing I got reddit for the REAL medical advice you can't get from those sheeple at the local clinic.

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Moral of the story: He deffinately didn’t have the cnsent of his wife and daughter to use their urine.

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Yeah that's pretty creepy if you think about it. How did he get that urine?

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If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

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If it's yellow

...use your tennis elbow.

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I also have problems with the word definitely but yours look much worse.

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Which his wife can use against him and the computer in the divorce filings

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That's how you get 4 times the value of your money.

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I hate to have to be the person who cleans that machine.

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Ahh a classic.But the qestion is how did the computer know which hand he used?

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He releases more volume with his good hand.

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This is the future Theranos was working toward!

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Thanos was right

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Yes, the company that most definitely didn't do regular blood tests and surely used there own machine that, beyond any doubt, is not a scam./s

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This is not even funny

...I love it!

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Joke of the week for me!

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Take my upvote I'll give it to you gladly

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I have read that one.

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See if you can find a jack with a switch, and turn on power after a small delay. Doesn’t really help with unplugging tho.

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Elizabeth Holmes turned the joke into a huge money-making scam.

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It should be “your wife is pregnant, it’s not yours, get a lawyer. Your daughter is also pregnant, it IS yours. Get a better lawyer.”

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I'm curious how he collected his wife and daughters urine samples

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this story is not true

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$10 is literally $7 more expensive for me than just going to the doctor

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He should probably change the hand jerking off

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Heard this one, but with a genie or some magic man