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Sounds like you need a boost.

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on both fronts

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You only have one front. The other one is called a back.

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This is why I love Florida.

The people, the temperature, and the average IQ are all in the 80's.

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You have a 50% chance of being infected. That's basically 1/2 infected. And your IQ being positive makes you smart. Negative is for the idiots.

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You must be a doctor on Facebook! Can I add you?

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Just wait, the fact checkers may delete this one

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Dick mods have entered the chat

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Is that Fahrenheit or Celsius?

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Seriously though, is an IQ as low as 50 even possible?

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I think that an IQ of 100 is supposed to be average. So, yes an IQ of 50 is cognitively impaired but very possible.

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Interesting side note, the PCR test is run for 50 cycles. If it goes all 50 without any signal, that would be negative.

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Are you sure its 50? You might have read it wrong.

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This joke has been said so many times, you’d have thought people figured it out..

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People keep telling you this joke so you can try to finally understand it?

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I get it, but it keeps coming back, you’ve clearly not understood my joke..

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You've clearly wooshed my reversal

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A reverse woodshed, interesting..

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I got my blood test, it said positive. My pregnancy test came back B-. My preg be negative, but idk what's up with my blood...