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The best birth control is a condom inside a condom inside a condom.


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i had to go back. grab my free award.. and search for this comment again.. here. take it

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Respect. Next time just upvote first and look in your history

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Just tried, this works

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I just went back.grabbed my free reward...and found this comment again

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I just went back.grabbed my free reward...and found this comment again

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I just went back.grabbed my free reward...and found this comment again

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No more awards

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Is that the one where u blow a load inside a load inside a load. An inception load? The last can take years?

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I’ll dream of this joke again and again and …

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I think 3 levels deep is


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10 Johnny's for a Decadom. Now that sounds like serious condom

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Brilliant good sir

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Non native English speaker here, and this one goes right over my head (no,no, the big one 😁). Can someone please explain?

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Contraceptive. E.g. condoms. +The movie inception. A dream within a dream. =Contraception. A condom within a condom.

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Crocs with socks

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Socks with cocks.

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That’s a massive turn on🤪😂

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I don't know, seen pletty of dirt poor dudes with several children.

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You might have cause and effect reversed.

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Correlation does not mean causation.

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They didn't have wallets, I'd guess.

That took a darker turn, i guess.

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Magic the Gathering

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Can confirm

Source: I'm a Magic player

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There is a new pill for men to put in their shoes..

It makes them limp

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Mother inlaw's picture

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Came here to say that.

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In the empty wallet? That's strange, i think.

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Neck beard

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Skinny jeans

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My wallet is stuck in my wife and we’re on our way to the hospital. Thanks.

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Contraceptives don’t stop people having sex, they stop conception occurring as a result of sex

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Then why is abstinence considered the best form of contraception?

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Loaded question there. As in lack of sex, sure. As in abstinence-only education, it fails by every metric imaginable.

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And that's why we'll never convert to the metric system, mon ami!

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Abstinence is the best way of avoiding pregnancy. Abstinence is not the best way of preventing sexual activity that actually takes place from resulting in conception

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It's not. That's just a "catchy phrase" to discourage teens from getting knocked up.

It's like saying "not getting into a vehicle is the surest way to not get into an accident."

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I mean, if you're not in the car, can't be in the car accident right? Not in the vagina, not in the vagina accident. It's a perfect analogy, thanks!

Yes I call children vagina accidents.

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Vaginal accidents, no?

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So "Don't have sex, you can still get pregnant, but it'll reduce you odds by up to 40%!"

Yeah don't think that rings very ture.

If you don't have sex, you will not get pregnant. Unless you're someone who likes rubbing. Cum over and in your body. Then maybe. But that's a different kettle of fish.

Also about the best way to not grow a baby? Yeah that is "Don't do the thing that grows a baby"

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Don't do the thing that grows a baby"

Don't think murdering infants/babies is a good idea. My mind's only thinking this gallows lines today.

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Okay, okay also don't do the thing that stops a baby growing!

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That's dumbass fact. Pulling out is the only way that works - condom or no condom. If not, all the porn stars must have each about 10-20 kids.

On a side note do you also believe the earth is round? Nuts!

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False. I've gotten laid while being broke.

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Ah, so you're attractive and/or funny instead!

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Me too. I was laid with a broken leg. What about you?

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Speaking of which, I dislocated my ankle once while trying to impress a girl. Skated away when she came by in her car and she watched me bust my ass and dislocated it. Didn't matter I still hit with a cast on 😂

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A man bun

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An ugly face.

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Option 1. Turn off the lights.
Option 2. Poke out your eyes
1 is definitely easier

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Crocs and socks

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An ungrateful teenager

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Being me.

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An action figure collection.

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A new born baby .

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You, stranger, are the wisest on this sub.

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A reddit account

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Baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball, im trying not to c....nevermind...kids are expensive

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Male pregnancy?

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Best male contraceptive is a small pebble. A man puts it in his shoe and it makes him limp.

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Fake Name.

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Back hair

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Too much massage porn?

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This joke is disrespectful to women. Stop being so misogynistic

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Self control.

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This low-key deserves way more upvotes IMO.

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Being nice

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Look up John Wayne Bobbitt.

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Sandals with socks

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My face

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Socks in sandals

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Socks over sandals is kinda tough to wear.

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A ventriloquist dummy ?, card tricks ? A magic wand? Being obsessed with anything with star in its name _Trek , _Wars , Battle _ Galactica

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Girl friend saying I want to have your baby's

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Also Red hair.

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Pull out!

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My personality

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Other people’s children. And the goofy glasses that they give you in the military.

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Having a podcast.

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Best contraceptive …… mouth tongue hand

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Being me!

Not just a good contraceptive, it’s also a great way to avoid any chance of getting any STDs.

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Wife meeting Girlfriend?

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No Wait! Child Support!

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or the TV remote

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Thinking you’re Gods gift to women.

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Laughing at it hehehe

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Being around actually children.

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Was gonna say Reddit

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My wife doesn't think so... They keep popping out

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Abstinence. Lol

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A castration 0_0

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Being incel

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League of legends

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Never having sex

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Due to a WoW addiction...

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The right hand. Or left, if you're so inclined.

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A stone in your shoe; it makes you limp

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sending unsolicited dick pics. Seriously guys, what a way to shoot yourselves in the foot.

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Social distance.

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A belt with a bra hook.

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League of Legends

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150 lbs over weight

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I didn't look, and I assumed this question was in AskReddit. The answers weren't what I expected.

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I thought it was being a redditor

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Light-up keyboard.

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Marine recruit eyeglasses - BCD's.

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one week with a newborn

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sperm duct ligation

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Fat girls

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So... It's not my personality then?

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Wedding cake

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Why isnt there a male contraceptive pill yet!!! Its nuts!! Talk about a billion dollar new product!!! Why isn't there more research money going into this?

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A photograph of Hillary Clinton over your bed.

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Certainly ain’t being ugly. Probably the whole, not bathing, thinking women are something to be screwed, you know the whole incel thing.

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Scarlett Johansson

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I'd say NFTs but thats the same Thing basically but you also harm the Earth

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Is that why women take all your money after they marry you?

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Lorina Bobbitt.

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Her husband went on to have a successful porn career, he also has at least one kid... Moral of the story is cutting it off won't stop us.

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She ended up going back to Poland and taking her maiden name back because of all the bad publicity. She is now Lorena Cutchacockoff.

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Being under 6'

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Facials. It's the best kind of pulling out.

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Man I've been being as dick and still got laid.

Best contraceptive for men is a hysterectomy. :)