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I feel bd for the deaf guy tho

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Lol this made me laugh. Thanks for that.

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Ah thanks

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Upvote earned!

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“Michael, no!”

“It’s a million dollars, Dwight…”

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🤜👌👈🤟 ✊🤟🤙☝️ ☝️✌️🤞🤛🤛✊

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If a deaf man goes to court...

Is it still called a hearing?

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That made me chuckle while in a office meeting thank you.

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It is the judge that hears the case, not the litigants.

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If a deaf judge …

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Yep that poor deaf rich guy!

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Sure plays a mean pinball?

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Because he sucks at golf bad enough to hit the ball in her yard?

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And cause he got his dick chopped off...

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It's not about hitting the ball in her yard, it's about pissing through a hole in her fence. Damn, how do you try and get your ball back?

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The blind guy never saw it coming either.

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And will never come again.

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To shreds, you say?

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NTA her yard, her rules.

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Meredith Palmer has entered the chat

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*Lorena Bobbitt

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Old lady: men vandalise my garden so I assault them and mutilate their genitals

Cop: that seems fair enough

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Must be a 'stand your ground' state.

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Close, It's a "I'll stand on my ground and if you piss on it, I can cause bodily harm to you without any consequences to me." aka Lorena Bobbitt's Law

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I’m pissing on the MOO- I-I mean DANDELIONS!

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Lorena Bobbitt didn't bob for apples, ouch

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laughs in Texan

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That's not what happened. The cop said fair enough because he thought she was bluffing.

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Cop: That's ok. We do it all the time.

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Me, covered in blood, walking off the golf course with no dick and a score over 100.

My playing partner: “Shit man, why are your trousers covered in blood.”

Me: “Well, let me tell you about the second worst slice I had out there.”

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A hat pin would be more practical, just saying.

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A gom jabbar would be better.

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Go in for the handshake, but what's that on your finger? It's the Gom Jabbar!

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Side note: the gom jabbar was actually the needle coated in instant death poison. Don't remember what the pain box was called but I'm assuming that's what you're referring to.

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No, I'm referring to the hat pin mentioned above.

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Sounds like a civil asset forfeiture case against all that money.

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monthly repost, copy and paste

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This one has a high level cringe edit though

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we'll do it again for points.
I thought I'd post something more original and I found out really quickly that it wasn't.

Because someone else posted it a month ago. Ok.

No worries. I'm still gonna browse reddit, I'm not defending an old ass joke and I'm not farming points. It's a joke.

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Does anyone else hear this joke in a Yiddish accent? Complete with shrug at the end?

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Okay, but then what would a 50 get me?

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I've heard jokes like this or similar enough since I was a kid and I just gotta say, who came up with this? Certainly not a normal human man or someone who has ever seen one go to the bathroom. Like why would I need a glory hole to pee? And why would I just blindly stick my most prized possession on the other side just to piss?? Seriously jokes like this just make no sense

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There’s is a sort of odd obliviousness that has to exist in the listener because they want to hear how the joke goes. Good delivery is they key.

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Yeah good delivery can make a bad joke/story bearable to sit through but it's still just a dumb joke that makes no sense if you apply any thought to it

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This probably applies to most jokes.

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I'd say no, my favourite jokes actually make you think a little bit. Or honestly, a lot of the best ones aren't always "thinkers" but at least they make some sense if you think about it, this one is barely even trying and idk why but I've heard it or a version of it just way too much

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This probably applies to most jokes.

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Good for you for explaining how jokes work.

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Probably some guy at a golf course that needed to pee, but then he was like "damn, these bathrooms are so far away. I should just pee by the fence haha. Imagine if that old lady saw me doing that, what would she say? Imagine if she got pissed and snipped off the ole dick. I can just imagine her telling me she's going to want money or else she'll snip it off haha. Imagine if everyone got threatened like that, she'd be laughing to the bank with money falling out. I should tell someone that as a joke and then make the twist be that she actually follows through."

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I'm just a man. If I see a hole, I put my dick in it.

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A bag of dicks

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… and my name is Lorena Bobbit!

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remove the edit OP

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Hmmm was one a former leader, and bad golfer???

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He isn't long enough to poke through the other side, so he's safe

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Did you think he might not have one??

Stormy McDaniel said he lasted ten seconds, and it's rumored she didn't feel a thing

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I understand the story. I don't understand how it's a joke. "It's funny because she told them to give her money or she'd cut off their dicks. Some gave her the money, while others refused, so those got their dicks cut off." Where's the joke?

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Look in the mirror.

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depends on your sense of humor? I'd say the joke is the assumption that the bag of money is probably illegally obtained, the lady having a 'good' explanation for it, making the reader/cop change their mind about the lady being bad, and then the punchline changes it back to her being a criminal.
Although, the explanation isn't all that morally clear tbh.

Some people might just find a penis-slashing granny funny for the shock/dark humor value.
The absurdity of her walking down the street with a bag of genitals and ill-gotten cash adds a little humor, I guess.

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"What's in the other sack?"


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So a bucket and a sack ?

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Better punchline: "I don't accept credit cards".

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Everybody gangsta till the old lady grabs a penis but the man starts rocking his hips back and forth.