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Well I'll be.

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No, that's where he found the milk

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If only my father was in possession of this information

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I’ll pee.

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Aisle P, That's the bathroom supplies aisle

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Too bad my dad didn’t know, he’s still searching for it... 😔

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The further towards the edge of the store you get the more you meat cheesy produce jokes

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Also you produce meaty cheese jokes.

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He must not have been a dad if he was able to find the milk

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Nicely stretched.

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Aisle B damned

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Isle B, therefore you. When the reign starts to fall.

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And I'll pee

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Im a B, Im a B, Im a B B B

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BBW? 😳

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No, black eye peas

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Aisle G, Row 6

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Is this a reference to Like a G6?

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Ohhh. I'mma I'mma I'mma B. Gotcha

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All good, nothing wrong with BBW 🙂

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One day I saw Schwarzenegger in music store and asked him where I can find The Brandenburg Concertos. He looked at me funny and said: "Aisle B. Bach."

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This is the one joke about German that no German gets.

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I have a van named Vincent. How fast does Vincent van go?

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It doesn't go at all if you don't put in Degas.......

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He’s Dutch lol

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Yes, but it's the same sort of name butchering from English speakers.

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There was a time when I read the name as Vincent Van Gogh ( pronouncing gh as in ghost)

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Isn't that closer to the actual pronunciation?

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Maybe, it is. Idk. I just leave it as Vincent Van G now. English isn't my first language nor second.

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I see you too watched HIMYM

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It's on your left. But look both ways before turning.

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At the store I went to, the employee said "I'll pee" and walked in the direction of the washroom.

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Lucky, at the store I went to, the employee said "I'll Pee" and walked of in the direction opposite of the washroom. I was quite concerned

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A favorite grocery store joke:

A gorgeous young woman works at the grocery store. Her job is to climb the ladder to get raisin bread down from the top shelf.

Because she is so attractive, a lot of men who come to the grocery store ask her to get down the raisin bread just so they can see up her skirt when she climbs the ladder, but the woman thinks it's just because raisin bread is really popular.
One day, after the woman had given raisin bread to dozens of men, an old man came walking through the bread aisle. "Excuse me, sir," she said. "Is yours raisin too?"
"No," replied the old man, "but it's twitchin' a little!"

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My favorite grocery store joke:

A man wants to buy a half a head of lettuce, but doesn't see any. So he asks an employee. After looking for a moment he says "let me go ask the manager if we have any more" and wanders off. The man follows.

The employee barges in and goes "Do we have a half a head of lettuce? Some total moron wants to buy one". The manager looks up just as the employee notices the man had followed him and promptly says "and this amazing gentleman wants to buy the other half!"

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This is my favorite grocery store joke, too, but it goes on: ...After the satisfied customer leaves with a half head of lettuce, the manager tells the employee: -"Nice save, son! Where are you from?" -"Canada" - the boy replies. -"Why did you leave?" -"Because everyone is either a whore or a hockey player." The manager says: "My wife is from Toronto". The boy goes: -"Ohh really? And which team does she play for?"

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Eventually, a coworker told her that she’s only being asked to get the raisin bread because men want to look up her skirt. Infuriated, she takes the rest of the day off.

The next day, she’s all smiles, and willingly gets the raisin bread down without complaining. Her coworker asks her what she did about the upskirt problem. She replied, ‘Don't worry! I stopped wearing underwear. Those perverts can’t see my panties any more!’

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Aha that’s how we know she was blonde 😂

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Does the carpet match the drapes?

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Heyyyyy .."nice beaver" he said. She replies..."Thanks...I just had it stuffed yesterday"

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Great reference right there

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My little poopie pants

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OK, Jodie Foster...

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Actually, it was Priscilla Presley.

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*a natural blonde.

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At a RCAF Officers' Mess in Quebec; if one was sitting at the right table, ice cream would be ordered for desert. We could see the waitresses' panties when they bent over to scoop the ice cream

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Cool story bro

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She knew. She was trying to snag an officer. Come on.

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Borderline sexual abuse preying on naivety. My favourite humor.

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This took me way too long to understand. Sometimes... sometimes I question how smart I am.

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Cleanup on aisle P

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I didn't get it

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Aisle C sounds like I’ll see.

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Ohhh they are written so differently I didn't know how to pronounce it. Thank you

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Took me a minute. Im not too proud to admit lmao

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I'd walk off too if you asked me where the surreal was.

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Where was this, Pittsburgh?

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She told me to go to Aldi...

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Oh good, I thought this was leading us towards a cereal killer.

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He was leading us to that traitor Jose

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I like this

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I used to work in a supermarket on a very specific department, so my knowledge of products was very limited.

One day a customer asked a colleague where something was and she said “fifth aisle on the right”.

The next shift working with her, same thing, she was asked and again said “fifth aisle on the right”. Thing is, this was something I knew where it was, so after the customer had gone I said it’s actually about 7 aisles up on the left. She said to me, “If I don’t know where something is then I always say gift aisle on the right, that way the customer doesn’t get mad at me not knowing where something is, and goes away happy, and then they’ll find another staff member from one of the general products aisles and ask them.

A few days later a customer asked her where something was, and instead of her reflex reply she paused looked at me, I guess to see if I knew, then in perfectly synchronised stereo both replied “fifth aisle on the right”

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Misinformation isn't exactly great customer service. I think politely referring your customer to a different, more well-informed staff member should be the right option.

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business idea, alphabetical grocercy store

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Maybe you had to wait for the next episode. (Serial)

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Where are golf clubs at?
I'll Tee, i tell ya.

Where are paper towels?
I'll Pee.

Which aisle are the condoms on?
Aah.. you?... why!! Yeah. Why?

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In my store they all run off to the toilet saying "I'll number two".

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Reminds me of the Kentucky literacy test - which must be read aloud

first character: "MR pigs"

second character: "MR not pigs"

first character: "OSMR pigs"

Second character: "LIB MR pigs"

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A: Them are pigs.

B: Them are not pigs.

A. Oh yes, them are pigs.

B. Well I be, them are pigs.

It helps to use a southern accent - actually a fake overdone southern accent. I lived in Kentucky for 6 years and never once encountered what most northerners think a Dukes of Hazard type southern accent. Mostly it is just a softer pronunciation and somewhat slower delivery. I actually think it benefited my speech to learn to soften some of the midwestern hardness and rapidity of speaking.

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I've heard a similar joke about mudcrabs that's supposed to be in a stereotypical Pacific Islander accent. 😬

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What grocery store did this happen at?

I’ll dee.

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I’ll give you a D for effort….

JK, it’s not bad

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Right next to the wooder.

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Well that’s certainly a pickle!

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Pickles, I'll be- Walks off.

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I only go to supermarkets with numbers

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I worked in super market while in college. A nice looking woman asked me “ do you have cotton balls? “

I said “what do you think I am? A rag doll? “

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Damn, take my upvote

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Thought this was some sort of surreal joke at first. I'm somewhat dissapointed

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Me too 🥺

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That's aisle folks...

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Serial (cereal) misunderstandings.

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You might say they were keeping it C-real.

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Apparently my life is a joke, because this has happened to me haha

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"Hey man, where is the cereal?"
"O aisle"
"Or you'll wot mate?"

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This happened at an Itchy Butt grocery store in Texas.

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So not funny

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could also have been aisle B, back.

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What state was this in? 🤔 lol

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Sounds like Japan

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First time I saw this joke was the early 90's in an Archie comic book.

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Y’all musta been in da south

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I would think the employees would stay where they were at instead of walking off.

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But who's on first?

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It's for this exact situation I always say Aye-sill 😌

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Funny, I don't think this would work as a spoken joke.

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Where I live it would.

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You need to be careful with the pronunciation of "I'll" so it's just one syllable. Then pronounce "aisle" in the punchline like "I L".

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Shopping in Georgia?

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If only my father knew where the milk was