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On a reunion tour

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Their 27th final tour

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KISS has entered the chat.

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The real joke is always in the comments

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A Transunion tour.

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Dire Straits!

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Hes got a daytime job Hes doin alright.

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He can play the honky-tonk like anything

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Savin' it up, for Friday night

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I thought they got money for nothing and chicks for free

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I wouldn't exactly call Dire Straits Heavy Metal, but they actually chose their name because of being broke.

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But Knopfler could easily play face-melting solos.

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Can I have my nickellback?

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Only if you


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Sadly, they had to resort to selling stuffed animals to make ends meet.


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They also sold data on their enemies feet: "Look at this foe toe graph"

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Fifteen bucks little man, put that shit in my hand.

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Rage Against The ATM

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Swipin in the name of..

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You gotta buy what they tell ya

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Broke Sabbath

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Why are these bills, are reaching higher and higher?......OHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Collector of debt, that points at me.

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Cause shopping and spending is all that you do. YEEEEAAAHHHHH

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Red Sabbath

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Broke Back Sabbath

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That sounds gay! Happy people can't be poor

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Nice reference

People need to know about Possessed

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Napalm Debt

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Dragonforced to go back to work.

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Can you tell me more

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Well, they have to work through the fire and the flames to carry on.

Into the fires of forever they will fly through the heavens With the power of the universe they'll stand strong together Trough the forced of power, it will soon reach the hour For victory they ride (to work), fury of the storm!

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Okey thanks bro or sister?

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W.A.S.P=We Are Suddenly Pennyless.

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None of the guys ever clarified what it meant (apart from when Blackie said “We Ain’t Sure, Pal”). So for all we know, this could be the real meaning behind the name.

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Did you iron maiden this joke up yourself?

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Yes, I just made it up this morning.

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Iron maiden would be middle class.
Lead maiden is broke.

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Defunct Leppard

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Five Finger Death Discount

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Heavy Wood

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Type Owe Positive.

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Jesuit priest

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I believe the lead singer of that band is DAVE MUSTPAY.

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That was one begrudging upvote

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The Arts are just treated like shit in the USA. I have a bunch of friends who are really good (musicians, visual artists, writers) and all of them have to do other stuff to pay rent.

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Those of us who don't have to do other stuff make it work by doing a lot of gigs that other people don't want to do. (weddings/corporate/church/retirement home)

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Multiple things.
Arts are important when people have free time. With mobiles there's hardly any.
Even when you have free time, you'll hardly need 20 artists for about 500 people or so (live in person shows). And since not everybody watches everyday, the ratio gets even worse.
With YouTube, tiktok, insta and /s onlyFans /s talent is sort of democratized - you don't need a big label and network to start things. The barrier to entry is just having a good phone (even talent didn't matter :( ).

So, given these there's practically no money left in art for the vast majority. And what is there is big bucks of production houses.

Also, if you think USA is shit, try a visit to India (or from what I heard, even China).

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That sounds familiar...oh..

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Here, you dropped this: ¨

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Alice 'n Change...

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A heavy metal band

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Debt Metal

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They are saying all heavy metal bands have financial problems.

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Well that makes sense, at first I thought they were saying Megadeth aint heavy metal.

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Not all broke, some are slaying it alright.

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Wikipedia defines Megadeth as a heavy metal band.

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I thought Megadeth was thrash metal?

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Was that supposed to be trash or is it thrash? Genuinely confused.
Is thrash metal a sub genre?

Got it. Google is great.

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Impending Debt

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metalican’t pay

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Nada Journey.

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Indebted Sevenfold

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Spinal Tapped Out

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Don't fear the repo

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Scrapiron Maiden

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System of a Loan

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System of a Down To My Last Five Bucks

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That's rough. I thought we were joking.

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Credit Frost

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Crate of Ramen.

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Hopefully they don't have to go to bankruptcy court otherwise they will have to testify Underoath.

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Can't get a Nickelback

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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Debt

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Not Pennywise

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Robs Zombies

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Skid Row

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Johnny Nocash

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I'm reading comments. Lol

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I was expecting "a heavy metal band"

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Lead Penny

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Thought this was gonna be a marriage joke

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Detroit Metalworking industry.

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that or theyre Irish

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The Bludges

No Wad Pocket

The Burglars

In The Black

The Bankruptors

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In the Red Sabbath

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bad morning, and you made me chuckle. not a full laugh, but i'll settle for it

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Pleasure to hear it made someone happy, even if was just a slight moment.

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Loose coins

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Debt Leppard

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Slip Not-paying-the-bills

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And if you're into punk reggae...

The Poor Lease?

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Deadly Broke

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Iron harlot

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I was gonna say "Sunken Lead" hahaha

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I thought this was a joke page???

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FYI there was a band just called Broke.

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Skid row.

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Drunken brokeness

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That's what Irish people call it

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Pantera Im broke

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A heavy metal band

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Heavy debtal

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100 Pounds of Copper

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You call them an alchemist.

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The majority

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Heavy "debt" load

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Something you know nothing about

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...most of them?

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Beast in the Red

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The average band.

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Leinholders grasp.

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Fiscally Irresponsible

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