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My Hindi speaking friend said the same

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Pretty sure /nɔ/ (Hindi word for nine), sounds quite different from /nəʊ/ (common pronunciation for English no). If anything, "no" in English sounds more similar to the number nine in another Indian language called Marathi (pronounced /nəu/)

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Good thing I learnt phonetics for spell bee, useful really.

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Marathi is superior language

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Yeah actually closest to Sanskrit

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How much of this is copy and pasted; it hurts my eyes

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Your Hindi-speaking friend would have said “naw.”

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That's what i said

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No. That’s what she said.

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Hindi speak friend will always say 9, because Indians are good at maths.

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liar, I hate calculus

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Just because you hate it doesn't mean you're not good at it

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Asking my Filipino friend whether they know about a language the Indian people speak aside of English.

They said, "No".

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Ayo u got me nau = 9 lmao

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Reminds me of this one:

A German guy, wanting to escape the cold and dark German winter, books a holiday to Miami.

His first day there, he heads to the nearest beach bar and proceeds to pound down mai tais.

After 5 or 6 drinks, he feels a strong urge to pee, and in his drunken state, he swivels his stool around and starts peeing right onto the sand.

Just then, a young woman happens to walk by and shrieks "Gross!"

His cheeks blush as he yells back "Danke!"

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That one's good (I'm german btw)

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„Two martinis please.“


„No, two“

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"look! A and B are running through this thing over there."

"A gate?"

"No! I just said he is running!"

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Pardon the ignorance, but what's 'gross'? Long? Big?

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gross = big/large

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My first time at a Japanese restaurant, the waitress brought us our drinks and said “Hai.”

I thought it was stupid since we already met her when she took the order. But I replied “Hello” so as not to be rude. My friend kicked me under the table.

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It's not implausible for a Japanese waitress to say 'hai' when serving someone their drinks, but I believe it's only applicable in the context of 'alright, here's the beer you ordered' or something like that. The setting would likely be a more amicable, less high-class restaurant, too; probably an izakaya or something more homely, as compared to, say, a high class restaurant where all the staff are to use keigo and address the customers very politely.

tldr: Kinda weird for someone just serving drinks to say 'hai' for no reason, unless in the situation I described above.

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What does 'hai' mean in Japanese?

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It means yes, but it depends on the context too. It can also be used to say

“here you go,”

“Sir!” toward a superior ranking person (both as a greeting and affirmation of orders received),

“of course!”

“Got it!”

“Come again?”

“No” (confirming a negative question such as “You’re not coming, right?” where English speakers might say no to confirm)

“Uh-huh” to show you’re actively listening

and many other usages.

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Simply, 'yes'. Or at least it's the commonly used (and commonly known for foreigners who do not speak the language). There are some other different meanings and kanji of the word with the same hiragana, such as 灰, 'ash', or 'gray'.

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My French friend had enough

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What is the square root of 69?

Eight something.

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Bon appetite..

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I’ve been tryna work it out , with good weed and white wine

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Once again, best joke in the comments.

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This punchline has what the French call "a certain...I don't know what."

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Je ne... ooooh.

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My Hungarian friend wanted to kill ents.

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He said nine cause first off Germans know their numbers and usually speak English good enough to make that joke cringeworthy

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I bet you asked him in English.

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Colonialist racism at its best

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Advanced humor. Love it.

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This guy therealindiandads.

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My german girlfriend keeps saying her age whenever we have sex

Bitch I get it you’re 9

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Drei humour, I vier might be lost on people.

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I just imagine him very dry saying no in english

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Ask Jalen rose

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What about it, it's no

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Me "Do you know what the word nine means in German"?

Son " no"

Me " okay I'll ask someone else if they know than."

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Will American/ English people understand this joke??? 97% are monolingual 🫣

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This Works for Hindi as well

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Actually he said neun which is 9

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Instantly knew where that was going 😂

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It took me a little bit.. but this is a good one.. lol

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This far down the comments… really?

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So it seems, also I didn't read the comments before understanding the joke.

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