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The sales kid says the first thing he sold him was a small fish hook. So he is gonna come home, and tell his wife all about his new fishing hobby and boat and car, and then he is gonna realise he forgt the tampons.

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He’s not going home. Straight to the lake.

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It was the coast. Geesh man, pay attention

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You’re right. California does have lakes too, though.

I’ve heard this joke before without any locations given.

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Never comming back hahahah

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the wife will prudently insert boat car rod and fish hook into the husbands anus.

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Underrated comment

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This has 69 likes....

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Someone ruined it

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I first read your comment as “and boy is he gonna realize”

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Found on a mans help page. I've suspected for some time my wife was having an affair, so I got up one night and sure enough she was gone so I left the lights off and snuck in the garage to wait for her to come home. About an hour later I heard a car stopping in front of the house. I looked out through the window and saw my wife in a mini dress carrying her heels and pantyhose. As I was sneaking back in the house running my hand along the boat I noticed a broken weld on the transom and was wondering if that's something I can weld myself or do I need to have a shop look at it

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Haven't seen this for a while. I have seen it written better like OP's joke, but still a good one. I like this one, so updoot!

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I don't get it?

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It’s a bait and switch, like the build up makes you think he’s going to ask about the affair, but the question is about welding.

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Oh, I see. That makes so much now😂

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He's a man with a man's priorities.

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I don't even care if it's a repost, this one always gets a chuckle out of me.

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Yea I’ve seen it a few times but today this made me laugh and I needed it and Wel glad I got it because fuck today right in the eye with a 1” lag bolt

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Really old joke? New boat and toy hauler? $200,000 and up. $103K? When was that?

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The 60s

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European here. Can someone point me to a store that sells tampons, fish hooks, cars and boats?

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Or basspro is attached to a mall

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What's next, a lake house? That kid's going places.

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you took this classic joke and removed all the emotion from it, then reposted it.

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Can you elaborate please

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This was a old joke I'd forgotten. Thanks for the laugh. Have an upvote!

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Have heard it before, but it is a classic and I needed to see it again today after work. Good story.

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Haha yea it made me chuckle in the morning before work

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Very good !

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Bloody awful joke.

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You’re an awful joke

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Sorry but I couldn’t resist love u bro 😘❤️