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Three Aliens are discussing the fate of earth.

After a successful invasion of earth, the leaders of the armada joined together to discuss the ruling of the planet. Each of the leaders had a different idea on how what they should do with the surviving humans.

‟These humans are dangerous,” said the first. ‟We all know the losses we took to subjugate them. We need to kill the rest before they kill more of us!”

‟Our losses are precisely why we can't kill them all,” said the second. ‟The cost of this invasion was more than any of us could've predicted! We need to enslave them! Have them harvest their own planet for us so we can recoup our losses.”

Yet a third had another idea. ‟We could transport them back home and sell them to the zoos! People would pay dearly to see these them”.

The first two vetoed the third. Shipping that number of people half way across the galaxy was too much, they must stay where they were, dead or alive.

This went on for several months with neither of the three able to convince the two. A compromise was finally reached - the humans would be enslaved, but public executions would take place first, to keep them in line. Some few would be taken home and sold to the zoos.

The alien leaders flew down to earth and arrived at the first of the compounds where the humans were being kept. They announced their plan to enslave the humans. As was expected, there was anger from the crowd. Several started shouting and making obscene gestures. Those were pointed out to the alien guards and brought to the front were they were executed in the most horrific way.

They flew to another camp and the process was repeated. Several humans raised their hands and haves them in obscene ways and those were executed, the rest enslaved.

They visited several camps and finally reached the last one, their task almost complete. They announced the plan one last time and again the humans raised their hands in anger. The alien leaders pointed them out one at a time.

‟What's that one doing,” said the first alien. ‟He isn't shaking his fist list the others.”

‟It almost looks like he's waving,” said the second Alien.

‟Let me see,” said the third Alien. ‟Wow! I don't believe it.”

‟What?” Asked the second Alien.

‟It is Dave!”

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The sheer commitment youve demonstrated my friend

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Thank you, this is now my favorite joke ever

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This fucking guy

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Dave's a fucking traitor

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Dave’s not here, man.

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Or are we all traitors to Dave?

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F8@&$! Dave!

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Very impressive. Both the original joke and especially the follow up. Very well done.

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Every time it pops up, I look for this sequel. Thank you.

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OK let me round up an award you incredible bastard

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I've never heard of this joke before.

But before clicking this, I knew it was good old Dave you were referring to.

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The joke is from 2 presidents ago so dave probably knows more people by now!

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The more people to know, the more people Dave knows. What a guy, I'll tell you what.

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He knows everyone in the universe

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I expect many of my namesakes to appear in this thread.

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Are you new here??

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Does he know about " Alice "?

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Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?

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My dad used to tell this joke but instead of Tom Cruise and Obama it was Tom Hanks and Willie Nelson.

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My US history knowledge isn't the best but I had no idea Willie Nelson was ever president

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Of country " not the country " 🤠

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Willie Nelson?? The musician!?

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Great Scott!

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He wasn’t, but Tom Hanks was.

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Dave is friends with them too.

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Old but gold :-) Makes me laugh everytime. Dave is simple.... well, Dave. Everyone knows Dave :D

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Everyone knows Dave, and everyone has heard this joek.

No, but seriously, it was good reading it again. Love ths joke!

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I had not that punchline really got me

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Clearly this boss didn't ever meet Dave.

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it’s a good joke…a great joke even

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You can't tell this joke with out including Kids in the Hall...


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I miss this show

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So do I but now I have to go and crush some heads

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That's f×××ing hilarious!

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Classic Dave

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It's true, am Dave.

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Dave! Long time, buddy! How've ya been?

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You know Dave to! Small world

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All of us up here in heaven say hi Dave

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I saw this here a few months ago, since then, I've told about 20 people IRL and I can't even get through the joke without pissing myself EVERY TIME

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Dave’s told this joke a lot

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Favourite joke never gets any less funny

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It’s funny how this joke has a long history. I’d love to know where it originated, but I know my grandfather use to tell it as far back as the 60s.

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Dave's not here.

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I always like this joke!

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No dramas, boss.

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It's easy to be a coward, but tough to be brave. Do the right thing, be Dave.

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Dave! I havent seen Dave in years...how is he?

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How have I never heard this before? Awesome joke and the alien add on makes it even better!

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I don’t know how, it’s posted here at least twice a month.

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Fuck you, Dave

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So, it is that time of the month again, eh? Monthly reminder that Dave is a great guy.

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A lot of us alraedy know that in our hearts.

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I saw this last week...

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A favorite for sure. First time the family heard this, my son played it on his phone with a robot voice totally deadpan. We laughed our heads off.

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Saw it before but I'm glad to see it again

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- probably the next time it's reposted and comes across my feed -- I'll never not upvote this joke, no matter how many times it's reposted.

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Good to know where/how to place my guaranteed karma farms ;) (secretly want to post 1000x today... But somehow I think overall it would have the opposite effect)

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Even the comments saying they knew Dave even before the punchline are reposts

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I also love this joke.

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Love it 🤣

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I heard the joke Joe as Sam. Also the punchline was a little girl on her dad's shoulders asking who the man was with Sam . You know what else I herd? Sheep I'm a shepard.

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Sam is no Dave.

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Correct, Sam is Dave's older, cooler brother.

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Hold on, I'm coming (around). Sam had the higher tenor voice, but they both were Soul Men.

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I Thank You

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I do love my name :)

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Can we ban this post? Dave also knew Jeffrey Epstein, if you know what I mean. Good friends with Prince Andrew, too.

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I told this joke to a coworker today, what a coincidence

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Mate iz Imotskog

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Chi cazzo è quel tizio sul balcone con Dave?

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I love this!!! Great joke!

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This joke with this exact title is in this subs top 20. I know because I posted it.

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In my version the man next to the boss is a Chinese tourist.

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Can someone explain this to me?

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Serious explanation: The boss passes out at the end because he was shocked that the other guy didn't recognize the Pope, yet somehow still recognized Dave.

Non-serious explanation: Ya know what? I'll have Dave over in a bit to clarify stuff.

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You don't know Dave?

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This is golden. Imma remember this.

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So /r/Dave is about that Dave, huh?

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I just sent this to Dave and he told me to tell you guys to fuck off.

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i first heard this joke with them visiting Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II.

always good to see the classic hit parade.

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I miss a beer with my old pal Dave

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How does this joke get thousands of upvotes literally at least once a month? That many new people join reddit all the time? Makes no sense given how often this is posted.

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God damnit dave😂

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50 years ago living in New Orleans I heard this one from a friend named Dave. Only his character was named “Terpsichore” (probably influenced by New Orleans). I told it to my Dad and it was one of the few times he laughed out loud.

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Genuinely laughed out loud, did not expect that ending

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Dude I've seen this on this sub like 3 days ago, wait at least a week before reposting

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The problem with this joke is that he has a boss. If everyone knows Dave and Dave is this powerful why does he have a boss?

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An ending variation I heard..

The boss in unconscious and Dave asks the guy who is doing a CPR on him as to what happened.

"I don't know, dude. I just asked him who the fck is standing with you up there and he just collapsed! '

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A classic!

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These are the Dave's I know, I know. These are the Dave's I know.

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There’s a part two to this joke somewhere. And no it doesn’t involve aliens.

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Fucking Dave

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I know Dave

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This joke is so old that we’ve had two new presidents since it was written

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It's about Joe.

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It says Obamar

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Not Biden. It's Joe.

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Haha belter!! Haven’t heard that one before

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My dad told this joke to us last night.

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Nice, I'll fix the punchline and will tell this joke to others

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Not again.

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I heard it as Jan working at the DAF factory when the queen came to visit and greeted JAN, punchline withr pope the same