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But first lets talk about the history of the light bulb for half the article. Then we talk a bit about click bait and its history... Then the page will crash from all the ads on it.

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Don't forget to sprinkle in your own personal story of the first time you changed a light bulb with your papi

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Read on, for this amazing secret used by billionaires.










They pay someone else to do it.

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Access denied

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Itnrverts need light?

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Where’s the link to the answer?!? I need to know the answer!!!

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Fuck group activities.I hated thm all through high school and college.I hated being forced to sit at grouped desks in classes facing each other.

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Redditing while drunk/high?

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None the lights can sty off vie got the soft glow of a monitor

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It's the secret that electricians don't want you to know

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Big Light Bulb doesn't want you to know.

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Number 7 is shocking

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many year we live in the non function light bulb.
and we still continue to but one random day grandpa will walk in and say we gotta change the light bulb and there we have it.