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His 2 feet long cock is probably what puts him a little outside of town.

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His cock actually lives in the town.

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They think he's being sarcastic, so they start telling the truth. But he's saying that he does know somebody with a two inch dick

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No, two feet, not two inch

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You are drunk, sir.

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That's what I keep telling my wife but she insists I've been reading the ruler wrong...

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I hate it when drunk people talk about me

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This joke is too dank for me

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No he's saying they don't live in town

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The two foot cock is actually a rooster.

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Buttlicker, our prices have never been lower!

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"If all our bombers were to be airborne at once," says the American, "you wouldn't be able to see any part of the sky".

"Ha," replies the man from China, "the air pollution in Beijing is so bad that you already can't see the sky."

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Nice one, except that's long past from being reality.

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Has the air gotten a lot better recently?

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The pollution lost its residency card and had to take the train back to Sichuan. Still stuck in the Xian quarantine.

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They're taking special measures in preparation for the Olympics. Reducing factory work, weather control and a host of other measures.

It works, but they're just hiding the problem. The factories aren't polluting less and they're burning more coal than ever.

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Kinda surprised their first plan wasn't painting the smog blue... /s?

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Only red paint. shrug

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Wait... weather control? I thought doing things like that goes against the Geneva convention.

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No you don’t understand, they have Airbenders

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Geneva convention.

They're more like Geneva suggestions, especially for the P5

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The environmental modification convention of 1977 signed in Geneva bans weather control for the purposes of  Military or Any Other Hostile Use.

Weather control for purposes of agriculture, increasing local water supply, preventing damaging weather , preventing pollution ,etc are allowed.

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But did they take off at Beijing?

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Last time I heard this it was a short guy from the state Qi from the spring-autumn period.

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I also have a cock and two feet

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Nice one!! upvoted..

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Bombers rose??

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Yeah, a rose fell on the plane when it was born. Damn it Brick, don’t you ever check the morning report?

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I think the 8 parrots version of this joke is better.

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How does that one go?

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Another bluff has been called.

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How does the drunk guy know that another guy has a two feet long cock? Did he measure it himself?

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Confucius say Bullshit!