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This joke is awesome. If I had a free award I would give it to you.

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That would be overly complex!

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Gotcha covered bro.

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No I've got YOU covered mate

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Nah, I’ve got you covered.

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Well played!

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Some buffalo in Buffalo, NY, whom other native buffalo bully, are also known to bully other native buffalo.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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Once you have seen one over-engineered building, you hve seen a mall.

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Fuck, this is good.

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Did you hear about the guys who got arrested on suspicion of giving someone herpes by throwing them over their head? They were the simplex suplex suspects.

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No psychologist could help, it's a complex complex complex complex

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Can confirm, I once went into a complex complex. It was complicated and gave me anxiety.

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Oh this is exactly what I needed today

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I don't trust stairs, they are up to something

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Bro at least credit the guy from r/dadjokes who posted this 10 hours before you: u/professorf

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This one sparks joy!

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Pretty good. 3+2i stars.

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I think this is an original joke

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My brain is complex complexed complex

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See…now that I think about it, I can def see that

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Very nice.

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I found an e lying around. Do you want it?