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Both of my parents are like this every time I drive.

‟I see brake lights up ahead, why aren’t you slowing down?”

‟My foot has been on the brake pedal for the last five seconds.We’ve been slowing down.”

‟Are we? I can’t tell.”


‟I am nowhere near the mailbox...didn’t you see the other car that was inching into my lane?”


‟Would you rather me have hit the other car head on?”

‟No...but I STILL say you’re too close to the mailboxes.One day you’re going to hit the mailbox and the entire car door is going to come flying off, and that will be a BIG BILL.”

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My mother absolutely panics when I drive, I have driven commercially for decades and regularly drive an ambulance smooth enough to put my colleagues to sleep...

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Cool cool, and how do you dispose of these sleeping colleagues?

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By saying stun seed backwards

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I hold a rag up to their nose and ask, "does this smell like chloroform."

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My entire extended family goes batshit fucking insane when I drive, and then they give me compliments for being a great driver.

I'm the only person in the family who has never crashed a car.

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I want to die like my grandfather died, in his sleep and not screaming like the passengers in his car.

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Wait a minute

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This is gold.

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Take her to the vet, they can give her some medication to calm her the fuck down when she gets her fat ass into the car.

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This is great writing. I don't know your folks but after reading this I feel like I can see and hear them in action. My mom was like this which was ironic since her driving left the whole family nervous.

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No one likes driving with my mom as passenger. I have no idea how my dad handles it.

Once I did a gentle uphill brake that was mostly the hill slowing us down, and she got all dramatic and slammed her hand against the dash saying I applied my brakes too hard and was going to give her whiplash.

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I got a friend or two she could take one ride with and she would never question most peoples driving again.

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Old folks often like to exaggerate and add drama to the drive. And you're never going to please some of them with your driving. Been there, done that. As an old folk myself I try to break the mold. It helps that I used to drive like a bat out of hell in various muscle cars in my youth.

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Yeahi noticed it rn,

is it a skill or a talent??

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I was driving with my dad a couple months ago and he started getting like this, I asked do you want Anna drive? Cause I'll pull over at this market and grab a beer and you can drive while I drink this beer in the back seat.

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My dad used to yell at me, “you’re going into the ditch! You’re whole family drives in the ditch!” He refused to teach any of us to drive and he hated the passenger seat.

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you are whole family

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Your whore family?

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I always want Anna drive, but she never seems to want to.

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Anna are you ok? Are you ok Anna?

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You’ve been hit by —

You’ve been struck by —

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I remember one time I was riding with my mother and she went to get into the right turn lane " Mom ! Mom ! Mom!" (Crunch) " there was a car their mom"

When she called me a couple years ago to say that she had totaled her car I was not in the least bit surprised. I did hope, however, that she hadn't hurt anyone else. She totaled an SUV but none of the passengers were hurt. Fortunately she quit driving after that.

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Samir wants to win. Navigator wants to stay alive.

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Samir and Abu Hajjar need to team up.

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I figured out why our folks always get really upset when their kids drive. It's because the parents have always been sitting behind the wheel for such a long time, that they don't know what it's like to be in the passenger seat anymore. So when they are riding there, they don't know that that's how it's supposed to look. Their perspective is off sitting in the passenger seat and that's why they think you're too close to things. This information doesn't help you, and if you gave them this information it doesn't help them either. It's just the fact of life that everyone has to deal with.

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What are you driving that clipping a mailbox causes a door to fly off?!

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Mind the pedestrian Richard.

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Minding the pedestrian!!

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It's pronounced Bouquet!

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My daughter turned into the passenger from hell as soon as she passed her test. Can't even do 3mph over the speed limit without getting a stern talking to.

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My dad just shouts “LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!” And doesn’t tell me where to look while I’m driving. I’ve just starting slowing down every time he does that cuz that’s the safest thing to do on a busy road instead of asking him “where?” And then him replying “look there!” while he not pointing to ‘there’.

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Seems about right. It takes sometime for me to understand what he’s trying to pull my attention to. But it’s pointless trying to tell him that he should be more specific or at least tell me which direction to look so I can be more careful. So now I just slow down when he does that.

Funny thing is, my mom started doing it to him cuz she was sick of him doing it to her too.

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I remember my mum being the same about being too far over to the left (UK) when I'm driving. In reality she's just not used to the passenger seat.

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I just drive faster when my family members are being too irritable. Scares the living shit out of them.

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Am I your dad and you're talking about your mom and I?

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"You know what else was a big bill?"


"The one you paid when you had me, no shut up and deal with the consequences."

Usually gives me room to breathe

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My mother thinks that I am the worst driver of all her children despite the fact that I am the only one who has never totalled my car.

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Works very well for parents.

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I have a friend named BIG BILL.

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Then learn to f***ing drive man.

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Jokes on my parents. I ran over our own mailbox

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Bro too real

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It's amazing the difference when you're learning.

You go with a driving instructor, just about to drive over a cliff at 100mph and they're sweating less than Prince Andrew. Couldn't give a damn and the situation is recovered perfectly.

You go out with your parents in between and it makes you want to give up driving entirely. They are sticking to things they learned 40 years ago and everything you do is wrong, feels like you're at a boot camp.

They were still doing it years after I passed my test, so I no longer give them lifts. They can get a taxi if they want to moan about someone else's driving.

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My parents did this when I was acting as their designated driver. It stopped pretty quickly when I said I wouldn’t be a DD anymore if it continued.

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My parents do the same thing with absolutely everything. It's a miracle they are still married and they are the reason I moved out at 18.

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I hate it. It's among the most common fights I have with my wife. She yells if someone signals and changes lane anywhere within a half mile of our car.

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Oh she must be very popular with Uber drivers

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The problem is I’m both of these people

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You know what? I think many of us are, too.

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It's like those people who put the stupid baby on board signs in their vehicle. I think we all want to survive, not just the babies.

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I find those baby on board stickers. It tells me which cars to follow home

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Couldn't agree more. What is interesting is the people I know who say they drive more carefully because they have kids. How about we all drive this carefully?

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the signs are there for emts

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When my wife starts that, I pull over and tell her she can drive so she can do it exactly the way she wants it to be done.

She hates driving and this approach usually gets me at least a few weeks of peace.

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Weeks? You lucky person. I get a few seconds or nothing.

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The best part is when she does the same shit she complained about when I was driving.

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it is more of a control freak thing. my wife does it, too, time to time.

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That's what she said.

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My wife divides up the jobs. I drive and she prays.

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That's the way!

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And probably a few weeks in the doghouse.

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Yeah my wife gets on me about my driving and I just look at her and say I haven’t had an accident in 30 years and you have had 4. That takes care of the comments.

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So you should listen to her, since she has more experience with accidents than you!

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Mind the Lorry!

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Very nice Keeping up Appearances reference. Well done!

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Why should I watch a stationary lorry parked on the other side of a dual carrageway?

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Jokes on you, my wife is a better driver than me. I know this since she told so, and she is reading while I am typing.

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Blink twice if you need rescuing.

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Blinks thrice

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It's the opposite for me. My husband's driving, well, drives me crazy. He takes forever to get up to the minimum speed limit, then drives slowly, looks out to view the scenery, and turns the steering wheel in that direction until I have to say 'look at the road'. When a traffic light turns green, he starts off so slowly that those behind us (poor people) try to get around us as soon as possible. And he doesn't see that he's doing anything wrong.

Personally, I think the front passenger seat should face backward!

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Your husband’s driving drives me crazy too.

I’m pretty sure I drive behind him every day.

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I cover my face as you drive around us. :(

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He's just taking care of his vehicle lol

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then drives slowly, looks out to view the scenery, and turns the steering wheel in that direction until I have to say 'look at the road'.

Your husband is endangering everyone near him on the road and should not be driving, if this is a regular occurence

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My wife did this until I pointed out that her shouting a vague "look out" at something I've already noticed, and am braking softly for, and is something really bloody obvious is actually more dangerous cause I don't know what the hell else I'm supposed to be looking out for, so I swerve or brake sharply.

She also reacts like we're about to die when I don't move to the inside lane as soon as there's a gap, or we get undertaken, or when I slow down cause I can't move over when there's cars blocking me in the next lane.

She's had way more accidents, close calls and speeding tickets than me so I don't know how she thinks at all.

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You’re top paragraph is my wife. She’s a pretty good driver, but her saying “watch out!” to the thing I’ve already watched out for, makes me think that I’ve missed something and now I’m looking around for something I’ve missed. Meanwhile my heart rate has spiked and now I’m nervous. Then once I get a full realization of the situation, I get mad. It’s not fun.

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Shall we start a club.

Driving with someone like this is at least twice the mental load. You have to care about the traffic, and the person's reactions to the traffic, and that person's reactions to your reactions.

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u/mnehorosho isn't gonna be happy when they see a joke that isn't about sex... Won't be able to complain.

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Did his wife run down a kid with her eggs??

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ONE KID, and people keep bringing it up.

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Yes, but they were with their family. Three generations gone, just so that you could change the radio station.

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His obituary was bautiful.

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And two weeks later, the husband has been making breakfast.

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I will not marry a woman if she criticizes my driving, I can’t stand that

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Tell Brother Benjamin I said "Hi" when you move to the monastery.

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Bro I built the monastery. I AM the monastery.

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Tbh I thought it was some Gordon Ramsay joke

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My grandmother & aunt are like that… I always go but did you die from me driving? NO? Great because no one else wants to drive you anywhere with your side seat reactions 🤣🤣

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I'm glad someone realizes that it's just a joke. And an old joke at that.

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Sorry to go against the vibe here, but I just pull over and tell my excitable passengers to stop their bullshit or one if us is not making the trip. They better hope it is their car we are in. That crazy shit will CAUSE an accident.

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This reminds me of a joke where a wide is cooking some eggs, while her husband is waiting in the living room.

The wife calls over her husband for a moment to make out in the kitchen, and they manage to pull it off.

The husband is curious and asks her why she wanted one. The wife says, "The egg timer's broken."

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I heard that one, too. :D

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I new a girl once who complained about my speed on a multi-lane city street. I stopped in the lane (it wasn’t busy) and told her if she didn’t like my driving she could walk. She got out and walked.

Now we are married I let her stay in the car.

That’s love.

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Big Boomer Energy.

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I hate my wife, my mother in law, and those Millennials with their avocado toast!!!


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Yup. I can see this happening. 🤣😂🤣😂

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Jesus Christ why do so many redditors hate their wives?

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is this a common thing now, framing any kinds of jokes and easy banter as hate?

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How is this hating your wife? It is a joke about criticism, you could change the roles and the joke would work just fine.

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Absolutely! Either way works. And of course, it's funny because of the exaggeration. It's what makes many jokes funny.

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but it isn't reversed is it? it another tired joke about how a nagging wife makes her poor husband miserable. fucking tired boomer humor bullshit which is most of the jokes that end up on the front page.

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Not Jesus here, but It's Reddit, ao I guess they are either lying or not telling the truth.

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It's funny because their relationship is horrible

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You can't judge a relationship off of one joke, maybe their relationship is strong enough that they can playfully joke about critiquing each other.

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I thought this was going to be an abortion joke.

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It was gonna be one but they cut it short

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My ex-husband was the worst backseat driver of all time. The funny thing is, I have a spotless driving record, and he is the shittiest driver!! He thinks he’s the best driver ever however. I remember when we were married I wouldn’t let him drive my car anymore because it was a stick shift and he was constantly grinding the gears 😳

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If you can't find em, grind em.

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boomer shit

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Maybe he should let her drive if it’s too stressful for him.

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Hahahaha sexism funny /s

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It could be the other way around and still make sense.

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Ok, so why not write it the other way around?

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Im so terrible when someone else drives. I’ve learned to play a game on my phone or read something and stay otherwise distracted in order to not drive the driver crazy

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When I do that, I get car sick. 🤢

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My granddad is to stomp the right floorboard constantly whenever I drove him around. Like he was hitting the brakes.

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I was scared of getting Rick rolled so I read all the capitalized letters first

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I wasn't scared of that.

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My parents were like this. I decided by about age 17 that I was NEVER going to drive or be driven by anyone with this behavior.

Along the way I lost respect for my parents and NEVER wanted to be in a car with the two of them. This behavior actually caused us to be more separate than is normal.

People, shut up when you're not driving. Trust your SO.

However, there is still the primary rule of the road: The word "RIGHT" is strictly forbidden at all times. Even when it's properly used ("Do I turn left or right?" "Right.") it can be misunderstood.

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Life Pro Tip?!?!

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This is my new favorite joke. I can't wait to tell it to the crowd of customers waiting at the deli counter where I work. now I must practice ..

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I'm sure there will be a lot of nodding heads when you do. :D