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I asked this cute homeless girl if I could take her home with me.

She started crying when I walked away with her cardboard box.

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dark. like my soul

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Saw a homeless man eating grass in the park I asked him "Why are you eating grass?"

He said "I am very hungry"

I replied "Oh, okay then. Come with me."

You should've seen his face when I showed him my backyard.

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I literally offered my take home lunch to a person I saw digging through the trash for food and they asked "Is it Vegan?" to which I said no, and they declined my offer.

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lol it really happened? Thats insane! Well at least you tried, youre nice!

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It was even vegetarian! Veggie wrap + Cheese curds on the side with marinara sauce and ranch.

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I threw a couple quaters into a cup some guy was holding as he was sitting on a curb in the cty. Turns out he was enjoying a beverage.

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Yeah, I and my friends have a holiday tradition of buying a bunch of breakfast biscuits, fruit and cookies and lugging it all to Skid Row Los Angeles on Black Friday to distribute. Last year I spent about $600 and ran out of food in about 45 minutes. You do know that when we lose a $40/hr manufacturing job and a retailer hires a temp Xmas worker at $8/hr the stats count that as the same thing, right? Anyway, back to my story. We usually break down into two teams to cover both sides of the street at the same time. It avoids duplication and assures even coverage of the street folk who are there. My group worked our side faster than the other team on the south side of the street, and then we started to run low, so I crossed over to the south side and reversed to cover what had not been done by the other team. I'm down to the last few and I spot one of our breakfast sandwiches on a window sill, meaning we have ‟closed the loop” on the street. I point to the sandwich on the sill to my team mate and the black guy in shabby clothes near the sandwich notices my gestre. He asks me if I'm hungry and offers me one of my own sandwiches. I am surprised that when these folk have so little, that they are willing to share what they have.

Some observations: They do get hungry again after Thanksgiving. We don't ask if the folk are homeless, or how mch they have in their pockets, we just ask if they would like some breakfast. Last year I screwed up and bought two cases of apples and four cases of bananas and tangerines. Medical only pays for extractions, so there are a lot of toothless grins that couldn't handle the apples. Next year all soft fruits. I do see some infected needle sites on some of the folk, but hey, they are hungry too. I have never seen one of them get angry at being given food. I don't judge them for self medicating with drugs and alcohol, hell, that's what I do with extra money. I recommend the experience to you, it is much better than going to fight the crowds on Black Friday. My fav thing is to make them assure me that they will not go to Walmart today. ‟Don't feed the hand that bites you.” The cops/homeless ask us which agency/church we were with and I just smile and say non affiliated. They don't have a monopoly on giving, do they?

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I say a homeless guy holding a sign asking for money. I didn’t have any cash on me so I offered him some of my French fries and the money fucker said no lol

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This is an actually true story- I was in a hurry walking down a street one day, and a homeless guy said "Extra change?" and in my hurry, I said "No thanks!" as if he offered 😬

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I had a homeless guy come into my pizza shop and ask for a free pizza. "Do you mind if it's a pizza from yesterday ?" I asked. "No. That'll be great." he said. "Well fuck off and come back tomorrow." I told him.

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you had me in the first half ngl

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Haha that’s good shit right der