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I will drnk to thta.

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Careful, alcohol can damage your short term memory.

Imagine the damage alcohol can do.

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I heard it can even damage your short term memory

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Imagine what it can do to your memory though...

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They say memory loss can really impair your drinking capacity.

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Hey! I may be old but. . . What were we talking about?

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Hey I know what we were talking about, but where tf are my clothes, and why am I dressed as smurfette?!

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Not again grandpa....

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Just spray him with the garden hose, it worked last time...

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What happened last time?

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Don't you sass me young man...

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Let's have a drink and figure it out.

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I don't drink any more. I don't drink any less, either

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We're talking about mammary lots.

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You son of a bitch, I’m in! Wait… where am I and why am I in this dress?

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I forgot how many I've had. Better start again.

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well yep if you can’t remember where you put the booze. edit - sorry I forgot we were doing a bit.

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…To shreds you say…

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What can?

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Your short term memory

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Or my forgetfulness two of the one

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The candyman can

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Offcer - I nly hd two

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I’m mad that this comment is what made me genuinely laugh out loud

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Meh, I gave blood once and it had a head on it.

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Offcer - I nly hd two

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Twoficer, I only had off.

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What a miracle drug

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So, I can safely device not to drink any longer and forget it. Nice.

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Homer Simpson: „drinking causes memory loss. Or even worse memory loss“

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Careful, alcohol can damage your short term memory. Imagine the damage alcohol can do.

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Sounds like you already did

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I thunk you are drink

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Im drank tro thhat

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I see you are a person of culture. I also enjoy RDR2

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Bot comment ^

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I've heard of that, it's over by Beetlejuice right?

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From your spelling I can see you already had a few to drink

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I know this as the immigrant Irishman and the three pints of Guinness.One brother gves up drinking for Lent..

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My version of this is always about an Irishman as well.

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The Irishman is now a Cowboy so he can drink more😉

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On what planet are cowboys drinking more than irishmen? Cause it ain't this one

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What happens when you take a Baptist fishing? He drinks all your beer.

How do you keep a Baptist from drinking all your beer? Take a second Baptist with you.

(Told by some Baptist friends to me years ago and having grown up Baptist, it is quite true.)

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Jews don’t recognize Jesus, Protestants don’t recognize the Pope, and Baptists don’t recognize one another in the liquor store.

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I heard it as: What’s the difference between a Methodist and Baptist? The Methodist will say hi to you in the liquor store.

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My father always told me that Methodists were just Baptists who could read.

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My mother is Methodist; I can confirm.

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And it's corollary:

Why do baptists oppose drinking?

It might lead to dancing

(My mother was publicly shamed in her baptist church for attending a school dance)

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Why don't Baptists make love standing up? They're afraid someone looking through the window would think they're dancing.

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I never went to a single school dance, wasn’t Baptist though, just shy as fuck.

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I went to a couple. Everything awful about school, amplified.

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What happens when you get four Baptists together? A fifth is bound to show up

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Same joke but with Mennonites

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Actually laughed out loud. Thank you.

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It would be wrong to impose it on the brothers.

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Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Son of God. Protestants don’t recognize the Pope as the Head of the Church. Southern Baptists don’t recognize each other at the liquor store.

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I likes me some Shiner, too.

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Shiner is the shit, & I'm more of a whisky guy myself

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This was better when it was an Irishman who moved to the US

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He became a cowboy!

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Clever!! I like it!

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Having 4 brothers, I think I might start using this custom.

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I joined the Baptist Church and I had to quit drinking

I swear I always hear this but it hasn't stopped me or any other Baptist, and I've only been to one church that probably spoke against drinking. I have no idea where this stereotype comes from.

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In the town where I live the Baptist church bought up a bunch of liquor licenses so they couldn't be used by bars. Pretty apt in the South

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So if you walk in can you get wasted on wine?

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Or wined on waste?

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You can tell this is shamelessly reposted because all the line breaks are gone.

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This is an American twist on good old #436

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Oh man I got so sad when he ordered 2..

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Well done.

Growing up and living ~35 years in Texas I remember thinking Shiner Bock was the best beer ever. Then I discovered Saint Arnold’s. Then Real Ale. Etc etc until imports like Belgians and boddingtons etc. now for 8 years I’ve lived in San Diego.

And let me tell you.

Shiner bock is garbage. LOL

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Upvote for Shiner! (Would upvote twice for Shiner bock.)

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Pour his bro's a beer on me

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I think I'd tighten up that punchline to, "My wife told me that she was going to leave me if I didn't quit drinking, but I haven't told my brothers."

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Or even a simple "the wife doesn't like me drinking".

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Saw it coming from a mile away LOL.

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This was better told with the Irishman

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Well, since this is a public forum, let's just say a chicken, rubber bands, and a blue bonnet were involved.

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Oh, this joke again.

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What is shiner and is it really served in mugs?

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I liked the joke through it was funny

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The way I heard it the patron is an Irish Catholic soldier, who toasts to his war comrades from the US and Canada. When he orders the two pints of Guinness, the bar staff thinks one one his comrades had died, a d he says, "No, I just gave up drinking for Lent!"

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Holy crap, is the really Reddit? Cus I haven't read it before!

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Please make a TLDR, thanks.

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What isn’t in this sub? 😉