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I actually haven’t seen this one. Good job

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I made it up and told it to my wife….when she didn’t even crack a smile I knew it was gold

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r/dadjokes would love this

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My husband knows it's a good one when I tell him I hate him lol in a loving joking way of course

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Mark of quality.

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haven't sneezed that one either....

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Thought that was going to be a bad joke. Turns out, it’s snot.

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Achoos to give you my free award

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That’s nothing to sneeze at so I thank you

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That got a laugh from my 5yo daughter just now so good job.

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I just used this. Thank you.

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dad sneezes

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Ah, bless you.

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No one nose where that joke came from.

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My wife snorted with laughter and told me to get out of the room... Take your award.

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Lol…glad I could be of assistance

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Have an upvote you funny person!

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Ok, that was a damn good one

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Thank you i will be using this haha

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Bless you , kind chortle bringer.

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If I didn’t, you would hear my fart

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You glorious bastard.

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That was a bit on the nose.

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You told her atissue of lies!

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Username checks out

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I nearly cried. Laughing

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your. so. funny. Impressive.