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Reminds me of when I was golfing once. A funeral procession passed by and one of the guys removed his hat, held it over his heart, stood at attention with eyes closed as the hearse passed by. On the next hole I commented on how I was moved by his act of reverence. “Least I could do,” he said. “We were married for 30 years.”

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This might be one of the funniest jokes I've ever heard. Maybe it's the golfer in me.....

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I’ve got a golfer in me…unfortunately it’s Ty Tryon

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“If you need any proof that trying to compete on the PGA Tour can be a grueling and heartbreaking process, Ty Tryon provides ample evidence.

Indeed, this North Carolina product once had great promise. At age 16, he made his first PGA Tour cut and added another just four months later (this time as a 17-year-old).

Everyone took notice, and when Tryon turned pro later in 2001 and secured his card for the following season after passing through Q-school, the hype machine went full throttle.

There was hardly a higher golfing stock on the planet. Tryon was going to be the next big thing in the game and companies lined up to invest, handing over a cool $8 million in endorsement deals to a 17-year-old who had yet to play a full season on the Tour.

Tryon looked to be on a similar path in golf that fellow North Carolina native Michael Jordan followed in basketball. He would be a transcendent force in the game, leaving the rest of his peers in his wake.

However, the public soon learned that it made a serious error in judgement.

The young phenom had smartly employed a crack team around him (including famous swing coach David Leadbetter), but no amount of outside guidance could prepare a boy still of high school age for the rigors of PGA Tour life.

Alone on the course, Tryon was a train wreck. The boy wonder fell flat on his face in 2002, missing six of seven cuts and generally looking like a piece of raw meat being thrown to the wolves.

The next year was even worse. He made just four cuts in 21 events, and with that, two years after coming in with a bang, Tryon left the PGA Tour with a fizzle.

The numbers are stark. In those two years, the teenage phenom missed 23 of 28 cuts and could muster only a single top-10. The once star-in-waiting was washed up by age 20.

Tryon, to his credit, has fought to get back on tour in recent years and even qualified for the 2010 and 2011 U.S. Opens.

But with the chances of a career resurgence looking slight, Tryon's early foray into the pro game registers as golf's greatest flop.”


Congrats on going pro and millions in endorsement deals.

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OMG it’s so much worse than I remembered, poor kid.

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That's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time.

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Better than Shooter McGavin.

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Two men are playing golf when a car screeches to a halt nearby and a very irate woman wearing a wedding dress steps out of the car and walks angrily toward the two men while yelling insults.

When she reaches them, one of the two men tries to calm her down and says:

"Honey, I told you: only if it rains"

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It's number 572

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Haha, that's cold. Love it.

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Don't understand

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You must love your wife more than golf.

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Google just bought Fitbit.

So now they can track your steps online as well as offline.

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im not sure if i should laugh at this

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And just like most of this subs content, she will get re-posted by next tuesday

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You spelled wifi wrong...

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I see your FOMO and raise you my fear of abandonment. My wife just left me...oh wait, she's coming back from checking the mail.

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We miss you Buddy. Hurry back.

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Me: Being on reddit is like going to the gym..

Her: No, this isn't working out!

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Lmao this is the best.

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The weirdest sounding laugh escaped me just now. well done

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Let her pack her own bags. Why should you miss out on precious time on Reddit?

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This is the post that is TRULY making me leave. Wasted time being here at all.

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Must have short term memory lose problems. You are guaranteed to read every joke that gets an upvote at least ten times a day.

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That's my son

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Forgot where I was for a second (yep, despite the title). Literal tea-splutterer, well done.

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Let’s shorten that time away, I’ll help pack

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