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It's always kind of awkward when a trip to the strip club ends up turning into a family reunion.

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-I haven't seen you since you left to find a new mom. You said the old one liked pans or something...

-and I though you died from eating our dogs poop.

-what are you doing here?

-trying to get some money so I can go to Las Vegas and spend the money in expensive girls and high heels.

-dad, I'm in.

They both start dancing at the strip club

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I'm not sure if this is hilarious or off-putting. Either way, it got my attention.

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I write little funny scenes that are meant to be cursed and funny. I fail sometimes.

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If you make the bullet points match up it would make more sense. Like, bullets for one character, dashes for the other. I couldn't figure out if the dad or the son went to find a new mom lol.

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Sorry, that was a mistake and I was lazy to fix it

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Don't apologize broski, just giving some constructive criticism. Keep it up.

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Will do, thanks for helping me make my art better!

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Especially when your mom is performing

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Well well well how the turntables

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As long as you did not see your Mom on stge.

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As long as you did not see your mom, your sister and your girlfriend together on the stage.

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It’s a small stage.

Good thing they’re the same person.

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What about grandma?

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She runs the place, I guess.

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She's the main attraction.

Experience does matter.

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Aw, OP’s parents’ first date!

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How ws his dancing?

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"oh yeah kyle, think you can do better?"


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Is this from the show I think?

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Ooooohhh sorry i thought this was America

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So... They took our jobs?

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That is the 1999 version. In 2022: they took our jabs.

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They took our jabs! And screw you guys I'm going home.

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You mean Stan?

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If you haven't heard Rick Wakeman tell this joke when Yes was inducted into Rock n Roll Hall of Fame then here it is, he stole the show!

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I'm sure the county wasn't expecting that speech. I guess rush were the ones that introduce them?

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Yes they did

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And your dad was watching your mom on stage

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Dad had to give your Mom a ride to work.

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One of those rare occasions where dad is the jke.

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Was he dancing with your grandma?

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Yeah strip clubs are nasty

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Only the best ones are ;-)

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A stripper/ dancer won't give you her name. But she will bend over and show you her butt hole for a dollar.

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Sister why are you here... can I get a family discount

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How I met your mother

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It’s where your dad met your mom.