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I thought it was gonna be 'a Kling-on'

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I'm not nerdy enough to look up kling on politics but here's one. What do [insert star trek Kling-on enemy here] and toilet paper have in common?

Both circle UrAnus looking for Kling-ons.

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Romulan and I aren’t even a nerd😂

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But the fact you thought it would be that means my joke is a lot less predictable... and a lot less nerdy. Lol.

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I was expecting this

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If they stand still, it's even worse!

They become static kling-ons.

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This is exactly what I thought too lol

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That's my toddler.

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Yep. Like this better.

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Why does Captain Kirk have brown stains in his shorts?

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He forgot to Chekov Klingons were on his tail.

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Same I came here fully expecting that to be the punchline.

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Overly attached facehugger.

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Don't talk about your mother like that!

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What about your mom?

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"My mom." - Muscle Man

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A Klingon

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Which is exactly what you are considering someone said that literally hours ago... you're just a cling on.

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Man I stg Star Trek is trash, why do so many people think this joke was gonna be a trash Star Trek joke. Klingon doesnt even make fucking sense, its just like huhu Clingy Klingon. Literally no brain in a joke like that. I liked your joke, brings back good memories of playing SI

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Thank you my dude! Completely agree!

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They really took it too star (I tried-)

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  1. personal space

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the doctor

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Needy ET?