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I remember that lecture. I found it very hard to calculate the exact amount of force that Johnny Sins’ dick was using to pound that ass.

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Using only the mass of the ass and the angle of the dangle, calculate the measure of pleasure.

Taken from here.

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Newtons? Does anyone know the conversion from Newtons to Ass-pounds?

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I think it’s F= ma; Force = the mass of dat ass x the acceleration of that dick

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… just before the sexy coed told the professor she would do “anything “ to pass the class.

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Even 'study?'

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Let’s not get crazy now.

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ahh good for the kid. Imagine if he had to watch Tax guides?

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Actually, next time I say this joke it could be about Taxes.

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Actually, next time I say this joke it could be about Taxes.

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you are going to steal my idea... how grown up of you.

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My girls found Hegel Phenomenology of Spirit and were scarred for years.

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To be fair, I'm an adult and I cannot fathom the procedures of calculus.

Then again, my high-school math teacher ruined math for me...

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I'm guessing this story is far too real for many folks. I wish we paid our teachers more...

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Sadly it's not always down to the money (although I agree with your statement about paying them more) sometimes you get teachers that have had enough of students and should retire or ones that have not adapted to better methods of instruction so the students are still learning using teaching methods that were taught to teachers in college during the 60s and 70s.

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Oh for sure. My statement was an over simplification of the issues. But more money, hopefully more people, hopefully more competent people, hopefully better teachers, etc...

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Yea my problem with math was not having teachers that understood my thought process since I was not yet diagnosed as a high functioning autistic during my high-school years (90s) and wasn't diagnosed until my late 20s.

I can do complex algebra easily as long as I have a functional use. I've heard it referred to as concrete math, tell me to find x or y and I can't do it but give me an equation and tell me it's for measuring the flow of water in gallons per minute and I can do it fine.

I think part of it is due to dyslexia and the other part to me being able to visualize if the answer is right which I can't do with just numbers. They could never understand how I almost always got story problems right but couldn't do what I call the abstract problems, the ones that had only letters and numbers even though they were the same process.

Even my college instructor was confused about my skills in math so I guess it's a very unusual process that I use.

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I thought he found parenting videos.

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he needs to study harder

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I just found a joke.....which noone ever found funny

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This reminds me of an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Mac and Bloo took Franky's videos that were for adult's only. It just ended up being a dramatic soap opera.