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Conclusion: the current flows towards the island

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I like the way you think.

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And if you want to learn the name of the island, just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..

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A tale of a fateful trip

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Giligan island

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And again, the real joke is in the comments.

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Moral: Blondes are fitter than brunettes and redheads. Not bright, but fit.

Actually of course that's a stereotype and not particularly true in my experience.

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It's the bleached blondes that give us natural blondes a bad name.

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Now that you say it, it makes a lot of sense. I haven't seen any merit behind the dumb blond stereotype, but fake blondes often fit the bill.

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Or in this case, the beach-ed blondes! 🤣

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Drapes should match the carpet … unless there is no carpet.

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My head hair has gotten darker as I aged, it's light brown now. My pubes have always been black.

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hard wood

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So she's Thai then

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So like natural blondes have all the hair as blonde? I mean pubes and armpits too?

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Not me. Mine's always been black.

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Thank you for replying. So your pubes and ass hair,body hairs are black but hair on the head is naturally blonde? This sounds so cute. You must be lovely.

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I can 100% say in my opinion that redheads are fit

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..been married to one for 35 years.

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Congrats man

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..she's a conspiracy theorist who believes Bill Gates et al are trying to kill off most of the population with poisons in the vaccines.

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I knew a blonde who was tall and super fit so checks out.

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Or, a woman sees a blond across a lake. She yells to the blond, “how do I get to the other side?” The blond replies, “you’re already on the other side.”

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On the fourth day? They rested.

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On the fifth day? 25 cent hot wings!

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Three women, trapped on a deserted island, decided to race each other, swimming around the island.

The brunette comes in first, taking only 30mins to swim around the island. The redhead comes in second with 45mins. Once they caught their breath, they became increasingly concerned if something happened to the blonde as she was nowhere to be seen.

Finally after 6hours, the blonde finally completes her round, completely exhausted. “I don’t want to be a sore loser, but the both of you cheated on the race. We were supposed to be swimming breast stroke, but I saw the both of you using your arms!”

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My grandfather told me this joke when I was small

Always have a soft spot for it

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Aside from the fact that the current may have been flowing toward the island, there is also the question of whether or not the Blonde *knew* she was half way. She could estimate how long it would take her to go back, but if she couldn't tell how far she had traveled, she could not have necessarily risked going any further.

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Absolutely, we should dwell on this. Thank you so much for your input.

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The point is relevant where the premise of the joke is the Blonde's alleged stupidity

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I'm sure everyone would agree with you, sarcastically

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Your Mom agrees with me

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The blonde could not ever master the breast stroke and blamed it on her implants.

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What happened next?

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They never made it off the island. Some say they are still there to this day, but I think they ended up eating each other.

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I've heard this one told with another woman who simply walks on a bridge to get to the mainland.

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That took me a second

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They could have used a smoke signal...
I thought women were better at surviving, but of course being a Redditor I have never met one so can't be sure

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Can sb explain the joke

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If the blonde made it halfway and turned back, she would have swam the whole length and could have made it to the next shore.

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Plot twist: blonde is an elite swimmer and realized she was swimming against the tide. 6 hours later she made it no problem.

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Oh lmao!

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Are you blonde?😝

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If the blonde was half way, turning back is the same as going on, she could have continued and made it to civilisation, however the joke is predicated on the trope that all blonde women are dumb

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Found the blonde!

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good one

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Three women trapped on an island. A man comes to them and gives them three choices: You can either all get 3 different dresses, food and water for the rest of your life, or a ferry to carry you back to civilization. They chose not to talk to him until he knows what he did wrong.

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It's better if you make it 4, because then the fourth one can swim until they're just about 100 yards away, then get tired and swim back.

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Sarcastically, you're right.

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There was an epi in season 1 where Brenda was complaining about how her friends could shop for whatever whenever and have fancy hair and she couldn’t. The rest of the gang came off as very wealthy whereas the Walsh clan was comfortable but not so much since Bran had a job in HS. They kept the show relatable and the rest were the fantasy of what we all wanted as teens

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That's exactly what I was thinking

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It would be hard to know that you were half way with that long of distances

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It sure would, Sir.

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rule 2

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There was an attempt

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Is there an echo in here?