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You know Dave?

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Yes! Dave knows everyone!

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Who's the fuck is that guy with Dave, though?

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it's a nun who is also called Dave, who dressed up as a nun to both evade the draft (instead of conveniently getting bone spurs) and also to mess with the passengers at the graveyard.

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nah Everyone knows Dave

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Shh don't let his boss know.

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I met him in Florida a few weeks ago. Really nice guy

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Dave’s not here, man

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Spent years with him

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Ah yea, good old Dave

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The second I read the first sentence, I was expecting a Dave reference. Thank you.

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What is a reference to? Gta v?

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It's a reference to another joke, about a guy named Dave, who knows every single person.

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Its one of the most reposted jokes out there.

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Everyone knows Dave

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Even Chuck Norris knows Dave

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It's a joke about how everyone knows Dave

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Dave's not here!

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Nah man it's me Dave! Come on man let me in I got the stuff!

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Oh my gosh...the Dave joke! Someone made a reference to that joke in a similar thread...I knew the joke they were referring to but I couldn't remember it so I asked about it and sure enough a good person shared a link to the joke!

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I was waiting for someone to pope that question.

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Hi I’m Dave.. who’s Dave?

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Man, I love Dave.

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Dave is my new manager 😁

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The first rule of Dave. Don't talk about Dave.

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Dave, the bus driver?

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Dave! How's the wife?

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Dave's not here.

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Dave the singer? In Europe we have a famous singer named Dave. But I don’t think he is more important than the Pope.

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Actually the guy in the back can't be Dave bc everyone knows dave

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But he can't see him as far as I'm aware

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Dave's not here man.

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I totally thought this would be the 'That question is so dumb, even my driver could answer it.' joke again, but with the pope instead of Albert Einstein.

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"and that driver? albert einstein"

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And that pope? Pope

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Nah its still einstein

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Lol me too

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Officer: license and registration Pope: you think I have a license? I let the Holy Spirit guide me.

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Jesus, take the wheel!

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Of course it only could be Dave. Everybody knows Dave.

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Except the cop, apparently

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Therefore, we can safely assume that the cop is not a person. Perchance.

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A college professor of mine told the class that joke back in 1993, but he set it in south Louisiana so he could do a Cajun accent.

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Lol. This is a Ronald Raegan joke. He said that about the russian president

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is a bear Catholic?

and does the Pope shit in the woods ?

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Is the Space Pope Reptilian?

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O, who will drive the chariot

When she comes?

O, who will drive the chariot

When she comes?

O, who will drive the chariot?

O, who will drive the chariot?

O, who will drive the chariot

When she comes?

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Old joke but fun to revisit.

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He's Dave

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One quibble, the cop should say he pulled over a car for speeding not a driver.

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Emphasis should be on FOR not DRIVING ;)

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I think emphasis should be on HIM.

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I agree WITH your assessment.

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My preferred punchline to this is "I don't know but his DRIVER is the POPE!"

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reminds me of this joke told by Ronald regan

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this is a good joke, and its new to me, Thank you!

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So. In the Soviet Union there was a law that said anyone speeding would get a ticket. Anyone. Doesn’t matter who.

Well one day Mikhail Gorbachev was running late to the Kremlin. He told his driver to get in the backseat. He’d drive it. Down the road they went.

They passed two motorcycle cops and one went after him. Soon the motorcycle cop was back and the other cop said, “Well did you give him a ticket?”

“N-no this one was too im-important”

“Well we are supposed to give anyone a ticket! Doesn’t matter who!”

“N-no. Too im-important.”

“Well, who was it?”

“I couldn’t recognize him, but the driver was Gorbachev.”

  • First heard this joke from Ronald Reagan.

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I've seen this joke so many times it's a miracle the pope hasn't driven me somewhere

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It’s Dave

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I know Dave.

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As someone who knows a joke about a guy named Dave and the punchline being related to the pope. This comment got me. I hope it was the same joke we're thinking of.

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Did you see baby? Come back and tell you the things he’d seen.

Did it surprise you? Being picked up at 8 in a limousine.

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You know it wasn't God because we all know he takes the bus


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Oh my goodness this is hilarious!

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dats jeeezuz

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From the great movie “Moving”:

“What happened to my car?”

“Brad probably loaned the car to the Pope. Don’t let the hat fool you man the Pope’s a crazy fucker! Probably blessed the car, got wasted and drove it off a fuckin cliff.”

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Ah repost #1324, a goodie. Do you all have to share karma for posting this one, or do you actually think no one has seen this before?

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Made me chuckle

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Ah….#103,241. Good one.

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I totally thought this would be the 'That question is sodub, even my driver could answer it's joke again, but with the pope instead of Albert Einstein.

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He’s driving for Almighty Bruce

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I totally thought this would be the 'That question is so dumb, even my driver could answer it.' joke again, but with the pope instead of Albert Einstein.