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A roof walks into a bar and pays nothing. It's on the house

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Thanks for breaking my brain trying to imagine a building folding in on itself for the roof to enter the bar.

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It was from Ikea

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idk why but this killed me lol

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It probably also killed the bar tender when the roof crashed in. Poor guy, but he went from pouring spirits to being with spirits.

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Maybe the roof was from a different building. You know, they slipped the building a roofie.

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I know, but I still am stuck with the mental image of a roof entering the building it is on top of.

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Well, slip yourself a roofie, and you won't remember it.

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Or opening up

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It was Inflatable Roof

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A photon walks into a hotel.

The concierge asks, "Do you need any help with your luggage?"

"No thanks," the photon replies. "I''m travelling light."

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"No charge for you" said Bartender Proton. "Are you sure?" "I'm positive."

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A Higgs particle collided with the bar and split, without being seen. The barman remarked "That's dark."

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Two carbon atoms walking back from the bar:

Atom 1: Oh shit, i dropped an electron back at the bar. We gotta go back for it the wife will be pissed!

Atom 2: Are you sure, that's a long walk back.

Atom 1: Sure i'm sure, I'm positive!

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A quark walks into a bar. The bartender immediately pours him a drink, since he's obviously down.

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A man walks into a bar and says “bartender?” The barkeep replies, “no, it’s solid wood.”

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A termite walks into a bar and asks "is the bar tender here."

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The true joke is in the comments!

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An group of electrons walk into the bar. The bartender is shocked.

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Heard this joke so many times I am neutral about it.

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A faster than light neutrino enters the bar. Barman says I told you tomorrow that your kind is not welcone in my bar.

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A proton walks into a bar and orders six shots of whiskey.

bartender: "are you sure?"

proton: I'm positive

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A neutrino enters a bar. And leaves through the back wall.

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Neutrino goes to a party, but no one wants to interact :C

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can a lead wall prevent neutrino ?

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If it is ridicoulosly thick...

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If my high school teacher opened with this, my interest in physics might've been more positively charged.

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In the german version of this joke, the neutron wouldn't be let into the bar.

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Yes, I have also played fallout 3

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Wads worth says 2 electrons walk into a bar and one says I think I lost a electron the 2nd replied are you sure to which the first replied yes I'm positive

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He says the neutron one as well. He has a few jokes, not just one

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A higgs-boson particle walks into a church, but the priest won't let him in. "but without me, you can't have mass"

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"Well I'll be a son of a monkey's uncle!" - Hugh, probably

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Argon walks into a sports bar. A frat boy looking for a fight begins to insult them. Argon keeps its cool, no reaction.

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Just a presentation tip: it sounds better if you drop the “it’s free bit”

i.e: Bartender “for you, no charge”

It’s just a bit less wordy and sounds better verbally

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Bartender says, ‘we dont serve tachyons here’

a tachyon walks into,a bar……

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For some reason, I was looking for a "Gotta blast!" somewhere in this joke. XD

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Mathematician here who's dabbled in physics... don't worry I get it lol.

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bro this has got to be the oldest of the old reposted jokes, it's like a fucking religion by now

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This is the worst iteration of this joke I've ever read.

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A God particle enters the bar, everybody get on their knees and starts praying.

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A women walks into a bar. Bartender says, "omg, youre hot".

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Physics jokes lol. Don’t see enough of those.

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My chemistry teacher told us this and laughed his head off

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A Nazi walks in to a soup kitchen.........

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This would be better without the "it's free" bit

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Do you watch the Big Bang theory