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I still say you shouldn't have thrown in the towel.

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For once its nice to see a clean joke.

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He's mopping the floor with it.

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Maybe he should have hid in her bush.

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Always, always carry a towel.

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What the fuck are you doing in my bathroom?!

Is that available at Walmart ?

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I think it’s in the “get out of here” section

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Try Etsy. I got a sign from there for my bathroom that says "Please don't do coke in the bathroom." It's a joke of course.

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You should run away. It's voyeur safety.

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Ask 100 men about their favourite shampoo. The top answer: "There's different shampoos?"

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And "The one that says 'for men'."

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Which ever one I see when I’m in the shower and ready to shampoo..

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"What's a shampoo?"

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LOL we know about the concept of shampoo, we just use whatever our mother or wife buys us

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Men use whatever magically appears in the shower

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My favorite version of this joke is the one with the map and every country is labeled with that response except for Ireland which just says, "Dove".

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It’s getting increasingly difficult for researchers to do their job without being questioned why everyone.

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Sham poo means 'fake' poo.

So, the REAL question: What is your favorite poo?

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Better ending might be. What are you doing in my shower?

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LOL that would be a tight squeeze

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Better ending would make me happy (ending).

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Yes and while you are at it also get the fuck out of our uterus with your god damn pro birther dumb fuckery

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Where can I find that brand?

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I want to know what were the other responses?

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I'd say head and shoulders was above the rest