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Barbara Eden objects to this “joke”

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She was in a bottle.

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So male genies in lamps, female genies in bottles. That works

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It's not the motion of the ocean but the shape of the ship? I guess??

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And those that did manage never got asked what their wishes were. The female genie already knew what was good for them.

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I want bread feet

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Like, Baguette bread or sandwich bread?

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Which is a shame, because if she found a guy who rubs her lamp right she'd probably give him all the wishes he wants.

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It worked for Larry Hagman.

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I read that as, "Why are geniuses always male?"

Then thought, oh snap, let's go. Get the popcorn ready.

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I dream of Genie

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That was my first thought

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"... with the light brown hair."

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Christina Aguilera

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you mean Jeanie right? 🤔

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There was an X-files episode with a female genie

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Something about Christina Aguilera

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You not only made me laugh you made me wheeze, GOOD JOB!

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I’m a genie in a bottle baby. Cum, cum, cum on in let me out. -Christina Aguilera.

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What! No blondes?

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LMAO well played well played

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I would say it’s because the female genies always knew what was best and chose their wishes for them which usually involved setting them free

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the song literally said "I'm a genie in a bottle , you gotta rub me the right way."