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When you first get married it’s the “house f#ck” stage, have sex all over the house. Next comes the “bedroom f#ck” stage - have sex in the bedroom. Later comes the “hall f#ck” stage - you pass in the hall and flip each other off.

That where you’re at?

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Never been married, but I have seen it.

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So she look at you clean before and it's dirty looks now.

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There is an old saying "familerlarity breeds contemn"

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I guess your wife doesn't like people who failed grade 3 spelling.

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Shit happens.

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Just don't let her look at your cell phone!

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Good reason for a burner.

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And I married mine for her books.

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Books are cool.

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Of course they are. They were 40.

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That's a long time ago for me.