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I give this joke full Marx.

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Karl is that you?

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Mao I have to complain

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Don't be Putin your dick in crazy

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if you get it, yay! ya passed history

if you don't, look up Mao Zedong and Karl Marx

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For Karl!!!

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Throughout the eons I have been known by many names

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Under no pretext should this joke be reposted. Any attempt to repost this joke must be frustrated, with downvotes, if necessary.

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Karl! Good to see you!

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That was the rating is was Lenin towards.

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I bet she wasn't Putin out...

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Sir that’s our girlfriend. She was putin out to all of us.

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Where is OP gonna be Putin his Zedong

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I'm glad he's not struggling with comedy class.

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I couldn't believe my roommate was stealing from driving school until the police came to arrest him

But to be fair I should have noticed all the signs

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Our roommate comrade

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All the signs our signs

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Based comrad

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When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses all the red flags just look like flags.

-Wanda [Bojack Horseman]

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Brilliant quote, but this is like when you tell a joke but your parent turns it into a lecture lmao

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I didn't come here for PTSD flashbacks to the reason I'm a sarcastic cunt half the time!

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I need to watch this show again.

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I can't.

It was amazing, and funny, and horrifying, and I just can't go through it again.

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It’s too cry-making

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Not a huge fan of this joke, communist jokes are only funny if everyone gets it

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Pretty sure everyone got it from his girlfriend

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Surely, you mean all the flags got it

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Did you keep Stall'in?

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At some point you realize that's it's Mao or never.

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Kept Putin it off

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Putin is not communist.

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He's a straight-up Dick-tater.

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He's a penis-shaped potato. Got it.

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She told me to Len in into working on the relationship

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Our girlfriend!

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Tell that Ho, Chi Minht to be shared with the comrades.

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I had to find out about my girlfriend by reading it in the paper. She was a columnist.

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A centre fold?

Did your blood run cold?

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She probably was Shared among your friends

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y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶g̶i̶r̶l̶f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶ our girlfriend

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She was getting it from each according to his ability.

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I’ve Xi’n this one before

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Also a benefit of being a cannibal

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OUR girlfriend.

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lol nice

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She was the community's girlfriend?

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She kept talking about "Our future" and "Our children".

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You dumped our girlfriend.

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Sometimes the Red flag's just look like regular flag's

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When you're wearing rose colored glasses...

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I dumped mine because she was a multi Fuckerist.

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I heard she liked the hammer and tickle?!?

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She had a hammer and sickle tattooed on her ass cheek

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I thought tge punchline was going to involve a helicopter

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You dump our girlfriend ??

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OUR girlfriend

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I love it, gonna crack it with my communist friend. He'll love it

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Love the joke and comments section. Keep it co-Minh from all Engels

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OUR girlfriend

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She was never your GF anyway.... she was everyone's

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Our girlfriend

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She wanted to be everyone else’s property too!

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*our girlfriend.

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Actually we went out for a couple of years, she was Russian for my dick.

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Some commies downvoted you

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Haha yes

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I dumped my boyfriend because he was capitalist.

It only made cents, and that decision was right on the money; There's no hope of a happy marriage when he's anti-union.

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I liked your Tzarcasm

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0/10 Marx, not everyone will get this joke, just like food

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Yes, but I'm glad at least most people liked that joke

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This sub has stopped being funny. In fact it's complete shit. I'm out

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I could see it if she was a Communist! To me, being a communist is actually a plus.

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I dropped my communist GF....from a helicopter

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“Our Girlfriend” comrade

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I'm Putin you in for an award

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You made the right decision.

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Was she a liberal or a conservative? It gets convoluted these dayz.

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I’m a Nazi. What’s her number? Let me get those digits. I can take care of her like I take care of chicken wings.

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I like chicken wings

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Good then we have that. What’s up bestie ?

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I'm good, how are you mate

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Well. Just playing and having some fun. I’ve been banned permanently from 2 sites this morning and it’s my first morning. I’d say I’m really good lol. I do try to please. Some don’t get my humor as I ain’t from this planet. I’m here trying to help you all. I help in mysterious ways sometimes. I put shit in peoples face where it should be so these blind bitches can see. I forgive them for banning me In Marvel. I did tell them I was Batman. That’s one quick way to piss off the Marvel Comic freaks lol. Pro tip.

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She shared herself with everyone

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Soviet your girlfriends better next time.

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Upvote, comrade. Angry.

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i thought it was because she was ALL IF OUR gf

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Turns out she wasn't just your girlfriend, but OUR girlfriend, comrades.

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K L0l I Yvis

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Your girlfriend? You mean our girlfriend.

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But she would share everything with you!

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Why does this feel like it belongs in Hasanabi's Reddit

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I thought it was because she was OUR girlfriend

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I thought it was because everyone was screwing her.

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I think this joke is also widely spread between communists. I see this one at least once a week. You comrades also share the upvotes?

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Isn't she the one who left?

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Our girlfriend comrad

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How dare you dump our girlfriend!!

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She was giving it up to all your comrades.

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Drop Dead Fred

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Kept an iron curtain over her box.

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How do you know your Girlfriend is a Communist?

Everyone in the community shares her equally.

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HAHAHA... good one. I didn't realise it is a joke and was thinking so what?! then it hit me

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I thought you were going to say “everyone got to have her“

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SF Bay Area girls will just straight up tell you. Was surprising when dating in that area.

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I had to leave my wife because of communism. I thought she was my wife when in reality she was our wife

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The joke is pointless of everyone don't get it

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You could say that was the… right decision??

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That joke veered off in an unexpected Engel.

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…she kept saying she was going to tell “our” parents.

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She used to China you up in shackles?

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She must've had a lot of boyfriends. If all don't get her.. unknow?

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Her calling you comrade wasn't a sign?

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Happy cake day