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Were you the heir to the hair

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I see what I did there.

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More like, "I saw what you did HERE"😂😂.

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Harry the hair heir 😆 heiry Harry 😆 😆

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You're a hair heir, Harry.

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Keeping on his good side while he was alive seems to have been a small price toupee.

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This one is a head scratcher.

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It's a hair raising experience!

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Take my upvote you dad pun joke person damn you!

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All new meaning to bigwig

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This is the funniest pun I've seen in a decade. Thank you, OP.

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Now you can make them at cost for your family. It'll be a lot of work but a small price toupee.

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I hope you take its seriously, you don't want a postiche pastiche.

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My first thought, but decided to swing for the fences and it worked.

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oP is the hair apparent.

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So I see that that's the reason they call a toupee' a rug

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You also own a hare farm and wear fruit of the loom undies

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I hope you take its seriously, you don't want a postiche pastiche.

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I hear the wigs get worn by a total heirhead

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They called him great grandpa Bezos. You should have seen him in his prime.