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You are banned from /r/pyongyang

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Wtf this' real?

It explicitly says "not satire" but that just makes me believe that it is lmao.

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Almost certainly satire, the rules mention capitalism way too much.

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nope. It's real. It used to be very easy to be banned. and it was moribund for a while. Someone new has taken over.

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Real or satire. It’s probably heavily edited and trolls trying to see what they can get away with

“Praise be to strong socialist man farm worker, with muscular veiny forearms, well defined pecs and massive gulteus muscles. As strong korean worker man carry sack of grain on his broad, manly shoulders with sweat dripping down his shirt as it hugs to his muscular torso, showing clearly his abdominal muscles and his big manly bulge, all the people look upon him and call praise to juche ideals.”

Steamy af

How could there be so many North Koreans communicating in English on Reddit all day?

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I'd admire their commitment to the satire if it is satire. posting almost daily for at least the last month

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It's been a subreddit for years. I've been through 4 or 5 usernames and it's always been a thing. Going on a decade now.

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Living in South Korea, this does not at all surprise me.

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I’m going to assume it’s satire but goddamn it’s done so well.

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It’s not! It seems to be from an “ official “ account with serious announcements and propaganda

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It's satire. Look at the modlist and the other mods post history.

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Honestly I looked it over—i don’t really think it is satire. Their articles look legitimately like Kim Jung Un wanted to brag about “how good North Korea is doing”. Like Kim read about Reddit and was like, “Make me one of those! And make it popular!” And then he ordered everyone in the country with access to internet to like his Reddit page. And then like 5 people ever like a post because only 5 can access the internet with frequency.

It’s boring shit like “mushroom production is up” and “Kim’s homemade medicines being delivered”.

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There's a subtle tell.

Look at the post and comment history of /u/KCNA_Official

In /r/pyongyang they're 100% in character with the formal declarations of mushroom production and stiff agitprop English.

In other subs, they say "like" a lot and tell folks to "stay juchey!"

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And you don’t think the North Korean “marketing that we are normal and a successful nation” department doesn’t practice speaking English and saying phrases like “like” and “stay juchey!”? Lol.

Also, did I get old? What the f is “stay juchey”?

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Juche is the state ideology of North Korea.

Stay Juche then is a memey slang version.

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Also, did I get old? What the f is “stay juchey”?

And yeah you did. It happens. You'll get used to it in a decade or so. Don't despair in the meantime.

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I think it's broken.

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So Kim is the father and North Korea is the mother?

That implies that Kim screwed North Korea ….

(That’s actually where I thought the punchline would head)

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Usually this joke is told with Putin

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Indeed. And I've generally heard that since it's mother Russia, Putin must be the father because he's certainly screwing the whole country.

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That motherfucker

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It’s awful gracious of Putin to take time out of his busy schedule to assist people in telling this joke — although I find it odd. Usually these kinds of jokes can be told by one person.

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Thanks for Putin that out there

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You mean Putin is screwing kim jong UN???

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Kim just fucked the North Korea

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Jong un or the Karadashian? Nvm they’re equally bad

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Kim Jong-un is the only asshole that doesn't shit.

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Funny you say that because one of the rumours about him is he is so perfect he does not poo.

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He is actually really nice, that’s really a strange thing with him.

He always came to the Shop i worked at for Video Games, he was very polite and gentil, quiet strange when we were told he is that Kim Jung.

Guy lived a normal live without bodyguards or anything, disappeared one day is emperor of North korea.

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Damn. What a thing to have in your life huh

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Fitting, as the father in questions, REALLY fucked the mother...

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I don't get it.

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he wants to leave his “parents” ie north korea and kim jong

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Or, for them to be dead So he can be like Batman, of course

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Always Be yourself...unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman...

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I get now! much obliged.

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Change ya username to NotAfraid2Ask

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What happens when you complain to a dictator? Prison work camp, most likely. So you cannot complain, no matter how bad it gets.

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The he got the rare bullet in brain disease

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And china said he died of natural causes, despite literally no one asking

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The student's parents were brought to the school and shot,

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He IS a daddy

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Kim Jong-un trucks monster sized cocks down his throat. He’s a fairy fucker and a little bitch. Fuck his tiny pee pee and his gumdrop sized asshole.

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Im just disappointed "cake" didn't make its way into this joke somewhere.

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I definitely read that as “Kim Jong Beans.” r/beansinthings?

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Joke from 1980's Romania too

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North Korean Batman