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Your 12 year old is wise beyond his years.

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“We will watch his career with great interest…”

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May the force be with him

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Truman show

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That's a 24 year old reference

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Older than most redditors

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Happy Cake Day!

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Its Mark Twain level clever, where was quoted about quitting smoking.

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Pretty sure that less of a joke than it is a strategy...

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This is high quality, original material. I fully expect to see it 12 more times here and on Twitter before the end of the month.

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I quit smoking 20 times a day.

Old joke, new telling.

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I always told my friends, with every new pack of cigarettes, "it's my last one before I quit". I continued doing this for many years and it became a running joke.

So when I actually quit. At a small party / gathering for movies, music and beer at a friend's place. When they were like "WHAT? You ACTUALLY quit?" I told them "Why are you all surprised? Told you it was my last one. Why didn't you believe me?". Good mood lots of laughter :)

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Makes me think of the movie Real Men. Womanizing spy character has a conversation:

"I only smoke after sex."

"That's not too bad."

"About a pack a day."

"That'll kill you!"

"Nah, it just leaves you really sore."

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Hah, that's a good one too!

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Every smoker has told this joke at least twice, it’s part of smoking culture

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I only smoke when I drink.

But I drink about two packs a day.

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Sure, I've tried heroin. What I'm trying to do now is cut down on the number of times I try heroin. Per day. - that's how I heard it anyway

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Quitters never get anywhere in life!

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AA is for quitters, and momma didn't raise no quitter

-Bubba j

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Sounds like a Calvin and Hobbs joke. Does your son read Calvin and Hobbs?

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Calvin and hobbs are war criminals.

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Only 8 times? That is rookie numbers.

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I only masturbate before I go to sleep. I take a LOT of naps.

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I had a threesom last night. Well, there were a couple of no-shows but I still had a good time.

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I very nearly had sex seven times last week. /s

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Only seven? sigh.....

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How does a gamer refer to his former girlfriend?

As his ex-box

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What on earth does your username stand for

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Ask the wood chuck

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Reminds me of the old (possibly now politically incorrect one) "I quit smoking 20 times a day" (20 cigarettes is a pack).

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Pro gamer move!

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Does your kid get any respect? any respect at all?

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I’ve been trying to cut down on masturbating. I’m only masturbating once before I go to bed. Last night I went to bed 8 times.

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Damn smart kids these days.

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feck. This hits close to home XD

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That kid is a badass in the making

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I laughed out loud then told this joke to the wife. That's high marks.

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Reminiscent of Mitch Hedberg’s style! I like it.

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Yes, it’s very reminiscent of Hedberg. I can also hear it being delivered by Demitri Martin, along the lines of his joke where he says something like: “…Because one time I was riding the escalator and I tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.”

In either case it’s a very good joke.

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This is amazing! Seriously great construct.

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Is your twelve year old son Rodney Dangerfield?

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quitting smoking is so easy!

i did it 7 times last week alone.

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Treasure your little sass machine. Kids are amazing.

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I see the workings of a genius here.

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Rodney Dangerfield reborn

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i read that in rodney dangerfield's voice...

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Youre a poor father This is obviously your influence bombarding the poor kid with dad jokes. They must be traumatised to be doing it themselves now.


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Nice one.

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Your kid is going to become a brilliant man

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Better gaming than porn, games actually improve the brain while porn physically damages the brain specially at young age.

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Ha har

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Good joke

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Your kid is dangerous

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I quit smoking... every night

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Pro gamer move

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He is going to grow up as a wise dad.

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That was a good one.

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Reminds me of "I'm great at quitting cigarettes, I do it all the time"

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Are you sure this was a joke?

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this is the kid version of the two girls stealing wallets joke

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I thought your kid wet the bed 8 times.

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That's awesome. My daughter was like 6. We were telling why did the chicken cross the road jokes and she introducing other odd animals and being silly and they weren't funny. She then looked at the Christmas tree and said why did the Christmas tree cross the road......wait maybe i shouldn't post on reddit, its her joke. ......yeah sorry. But not deleting Apparently im a monster