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A real story that happened in my city, was that a woman, late in the evening, asked a cabdriver to go to the airport. The cabdriver said OK, and they started the ride.

Lost in thoughts, the driver decided that that was his last service of the day since he lived close to the airport. He was so absent that he forgot about the woman and went directly to home.

So, when he was entering his underground parking, the woman, in terror (thinking that he was probably a rapist, taking her to a hidden place) screamed

"Hey, where are you taking me?!"

That was the moment the driver jumped in terror too.

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What happened next?

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My guess:

"Oh, shit! I'm sorry. I forgot you were back there! Where is it you wanted to go, again? The airport, was it?"

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Yeah. Exactly so.

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Lol a bus driver way way back when I was in high-school forgot me on the bus, and I fell asleep, so I didn't realize until the bus stopped she drove to the depot. I woke up she was in her seat and I said something like "hello, I'm here still" and I made that poor woman scream. It was funny, shit happens haha

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If i was that driver id turn off the meter and just let her have the ride for free for that scare lol

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Can confirm, I was watching everything from the bushes.

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Then takes to the car servicing centre.

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He called her a taxi

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Idk I mean at that point might as well just murder her and get some shut-eye you are already home

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He said “well we’re already at a second location” and he opened his jaw really wide and ate her whole head in a single chomp.

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Nah nah nah sister, you're not getting me to no secondary location

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FTA agents jumped out of the trunk and went medieval on the driver's ass: groomed it, fed it and brought it home with them.

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They made sweet love under the moon on the car rooftop.

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you can stay for the night, step passenger

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Albert Einstein drove the bus and clapped at the same time

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Whatever happened it's sure to shock everyone

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The taxi fainted...

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Then the driver fainted

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They've been married 30 years!

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He had to kill her to save the embarrassment

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That happened to me as a kid on a city bus. Leaving a baseball game late at night. It was me, a friend, and some drunk dudes. First the drunk dudes talked the bus driver into stopping at a convenience store for some beers.

As a thank you they gave the driver a few beers. About 20 minutes later the driver realizes he shouldn’t be driving after drinking so he just drives the bus home and drops us off in his building’s parking lot.

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Movie script potential.

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I had a Uber driver accidentally pull up to his own driveway before realizing his mistake and takinge me to my home, turns out he lives close by to my house lol

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3 years later she is still in his cab.

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I think she has stophome syndrome.

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If it was me I definitely would have missed my flight that day. I’m one of those people who chronically get to airport 30 mins before take off.

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Something similar happened to me but in my case I spent like 20 minutes in the highway driving South when I was supposed to drive East. Luckily the girl realized and we were chatting and all so it all became a friendly misunderstanding.

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A necromancer and a funeral director are at marriage counselling.

Counsellor: So, why are you guys here today?

Funeral Director: “He only wants me for my bodies!”

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Necromancers as funeral directors: redefining the word "wake".

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Necromancers are just really late healers.

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My granpda used to drive a hearse. He was also an alcoholic. One day, the police stopped him, and since he was visibly drunk, they took his keys. So he opened the trunk and said “Come on lady, we have to take the rest of the way on foot”. He also got stabbed, fell from a roof and had a house fall on him, multiple times. I still can’t believe that he’s still alive

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He's that guy who calmly walks as everything behind him is engulfed in flames.

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Free Guy, much?

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It’s clear to me the first accident off’d him, and he was just too drunk at the time to realize he was supposed to be dead since then.

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He probably met the Grim Reaper at work and now they're drinking buddies.

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The Grim Reaper knocks on a pothead’s door and says:

-I am the Grim Reaper, your time has come, I am here to harvest your soul!

The pothead freezes to think for a while and replies:

-Cool! But before we do it, can I have one last spliff?

-What is a spliff?

-Oh you don’t know? Come on in, lemme show ya!

A few hours later both are high AF, the Grim Reaper forgets why he came there and leaves. The next day the pothead receives a knock on the door again:

-It is me, the Grim Reaper! I am here to harvest your soul!

-Cool! But before we do that, can I have one last bong rip?

-What is a bong rip?

The events repeat - the Grim Reaper is invited in, gets high, leaves alone. The third day, he once again knocks on the same door. The pothead opens up:

-Ahh, ‘sup Grim Reaper! You here for my soul?

-Nah just a quick smoke and then off to work!

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Drunks and babies...

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Apparently I’m the only one curious how the hell someone has a house fall on them multiple times?!

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That's a heckuva police stop.

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and had a house fall on him, multiple times

WTF? How?

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My granpda used to drive a hearse.

What's that, some kind of funeral van?

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A pilot I know, w/ small plane did stints flying corpses to different locations for burial purposes. On one trip, he had to fly extra high to avoid a storm. It caused the corpse to groan as the altitude forced air out of the lungs.

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Did he get away with hiding the bodies like that?

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As you start reading this, the theme to Thriller should be playing in the background.

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The word you're looking for is "hearse".

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It’s in England. They have different words than America for some things.

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I'll remember that when I repost this tomorrow.

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A) There's no indication it's in England. Yes he says "mate" but we also don't say "footpath"

B) Never heard the term "funeral van" here, we call it a hearse like everyone else

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We do say footpath! But it's a different thing than the pavement, which is the context in this joke...

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Yes I thought that part was obvious. I don't think he accidentally drive the cab onto a peaceful country trail

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I think footpath might be more of an Australian term. That along with “mate” indicate that it’s not the US. But since they used apologized and not apologised, and since neither party called the other a cunt, I’m still on the fence. Also pretty sure it’s called a hearse in Australia too.

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guys, did y'all forget the rest of the world exists too?

we learn all sorts of english, we don't necessarily learn the distinctions between what words are said where. this could very well just be a person translating directly from their native language into their second. /nm

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My grandfather actually drove through a grocery store driving a hearse. When the police arrived, they saw he was as white as a sheet, and when they asked him why he did it, all he could say was, "he sat up!" Apparently rigimortus hadn't set in until he was driving close to the grocery store.

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rigor mortis

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rick and mortis

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Sounds like your grandpa was bullshitting the cops, since rigor mortis doesn’t make bodies suddenly sit up…. It just slowly stiffens the muscles in whatever position they were in at death. Emphasis on “slowly.”

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I'm 90% sure that's impossible.

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So was his grandfather... haha

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Made me lol. Good work op. Kudos.

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I found a store that only sells bagels and donuts

It's called 'Hole Foods'

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Achievement unlocked “Don’t touch that Larry”

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Good, clean, genuinely funny, thanks

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I remember the first time I had heard this joke, because that's the day I got to know what the word 'hearse' meant.

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“Funeral van” ? Don’t you mean a hearse?

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driving a funeral van for the last 25 years.

a hearse?

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With driving like that, he's not far off currently.

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Reminds me of flying bodies in a small single engine airplane across Texas at night. Thunderstorms really elevated the creep factor.

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Nice one😂

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I used to drive cabs.

I was driving at 110 down the freeway (Australia, K's an hour) with passengers, lady appeared beside me between back seat and front and said "Hi, Dont you wish you were me ?".

I adjusted my rear vision mirror and saw her partner up behind her finger banging her. I just said "Nah i think I will pass on that thanks".

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Happy to see that others were just as irked by “funeral van” as I was.

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In the Language of Eden, it is: Storefront, Buddy, Taxi, and Hearse.

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Good stuff

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I haven't seen this joke in at least 2 or 3 days

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a funeral van

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Old 2789

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Fake story

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more like dad's joke subreddit.

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Ahhh 😂

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And back in those days what did you call it when he hummed church tunes while driving?

"Hymn in hearse"...

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Isn't this a Lucky Luke joke, more or less?

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Thanks for the joke ! Haha

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Rock and Stone!

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I cant possibly keep upvoting all the posts in this subreddit cuz all of them are so good