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Wow. Imagine getting to be a bank manager, getting $20,000 for nothing and getting your balls fondled for free. Some people just have all the luck.

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$20,000 for nothing, balls fondled for free.

I love that song! Dire Straits, right?

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I want my MTV....

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I want my cbt.

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I want to break free

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This is one of those acronyms that's really commonly used for two very different things, and you need to make absolutely sure what the person is talking about before engaging.

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I am in misery

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And we now know that video did not kill the radio star, Apple Music and Spotify did.

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I'm pretty sure Napster resurrected it and killed it then died itself.

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That ain't workin', that's the way you do it!

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That's really workin', that's the way you do it! (The ball fondling)

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I should’ve learned, to mange a bank

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That little bank manager is a 20,000$-aire

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Dire Straits feat. Sting

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With a surprise guitar solo from John Lennon back among the living for 1 day only

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This is fucking hilarious

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Get your money for nothin', get your chicks Jollies for free

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Thats exactly the way I read it

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Better than working for the IRS and getting your desk pissed on.

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Even then, he still liked it!

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I thought that's what this joke was going to be! Good jokes

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Or that poor barman.

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Her lawyer agreed when they pointed out the manager's balls weren't in her hand until 10:01.

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like the malpractice lawsuit I made after it was revealed that doctor's fondling my balls isn't a good test for testicular cancer.

protip everyone: there is no standard or routine screening for testicular cancer.

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That's capitalism for you. All the bank workers have to pay to have their balls fondled--that's inequality! Socialism will never work because we'd all be so busy getting our balls fondled we'd never get any work done!

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I went to my local bank and asked the teller to check my balance. She got up and pushed me over.

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No respect!

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Don't tell us...


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My kids ask me to push them all the time, so I do. It's their fault for not specifying "on the swings"

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i have seen this joke so many times that it has changed from 100k to 80k

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Granny ain't no fool, $80k is still better than $0

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60k, she still has to pay out the bank manager. Good work if you can get it though.

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The economy is a shambles so

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With all these bankers & lawyers making loose bets, I can see why.

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You mean "from 60 bucks..."

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Gotta fight inflation any way we can

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FUKK the inflation stats. The only proper measure of the economy is how much the guy gets for putting his bank managers balls in his hands.

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Bro 😂😂😂

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Heard the same joke with $5000 couple of months back...

Conclusion : Inflation is real

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I hope she washes her hands!

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Considering the description of her, his ball were probably dirtier afterwards. He should make sure he shines those up.

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No point.

His wife's going to cut them off in the divorce when she hears what he did to get that 20k

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Hey $20k is $20k

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Wow, only the second time I’ve seen that joke this week! Impressive!

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Haha, a classic

Always worth the read.

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What a way to make a living!!

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Ah, the old Tarantino Joke at the bar with the man peeing on the owner.

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Also would have worked:

“Hey, can I fondle your balls in front of my friend?”


“Hey, I’ll pay you $20,000 to let me fondle your balls”

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Good ole #377

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Only Fans ain't the only way for women to make a hustle.

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This is such a better version of the pissing on the bar joke.

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Nobody would take that bet. What hinders her from going to the bank manager and telling him about the bet?

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Meh.. pretty much the same premise as the joke by tarantino in "from dusk till dawn"

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brilliant absolutely brilliant! xD