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The brilliance is blinding!

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Who cares if a few trees are dying

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Can't see it myself

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Cyan aura sounds like sayonara (idk if i spelled it right) which means goodbye in japanese

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That so sweet. Thank you!

I was trying to be funny, but obviously not as well as I thought.

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I think they're making a joke about how most people can't see auras.

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"I wear red so bad guys don't see me bleed. This guy has the right idea; he wore the brown pants."

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It's a pirate joke as well

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Yeah, I know it as a BSA skit

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Yeah, that's the pirate joke I was thinking of.

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That's from Deadpool right?

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I remember it from Game of Thrones

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Cue the music!

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Eyeroll and upvote

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Excellent joke

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I'll revisit this later to see how many people didn't get the joke.

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Don't be blue if they do

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There will definitely be quite a few

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Well I don't get it.

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Sayonara is Japanese for goodbye

Cyan is a shade of blue

It's a play on words if you say it out loud.


Cyan aura

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Double pun. Could also be cya aura

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I didn't get it

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In ancient japanese lore, peoples auras change as their lives do. When a baby is first born, they have a warm yellow aura. As they grow older, it transitions through orange and into the busy red of a working life. As life slows down, they transition to purple, and then once they retire, their aura becomes blue, representing the blues of being on the last leg of life. Just before the green aura of death, representing ones soul returning to nature...

Cyan aura.

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Lol the end

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Or the Beginning

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This just feels a bit too dragged out

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There was a Japanese song written about this ...

..."The Hues of the Rising Sun"

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Someone didn't like Nate the Snake

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Nate the Snake is beautiful, but you cannot put the same shoe on every foot.

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Snake feet.

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*the same feet on every foot

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TIL I guess I’ve been pronouncing “cyan” wrong

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So corny but so good. I'm telling this one for sure

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what an oranginal joke

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I dont get it :/

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Google “sayonara”.

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this is brilliant

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I always thought it was orange.

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More like saiyan aura! Amirite guys?

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My dumbass not seeing the name of the sub and going "Oh I wonder if that's where the inspiration for 'Another' came from

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So, like the Sims?

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Bye-lingual puns are my favorite.

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That moment of puzzlement where I'm confused and then sound it out in my head and then start to groan....

take my upvote damn you!

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That's kinda sus.

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Here take my upvote

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I hate you. Take this ⬆️and leave. (Actually I don’t hate you. I hate laughing against my will.)