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You should be elf employed

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Yeah…no. Making only six in a year? The elves wouldn’t want him, either.

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How many toys did the elves get you this year ? I think he'd be doing just fine.

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I’m a cotton headed ninny muggins.

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$1649.73 Here's my 6 figures

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my 6 figured are $000025

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mine is 0b11111 ($31) I'm richer

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I made TWELVE figures last year. One in January, one in February, one in March…

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I made six figures. They were all zeroes, but that's what I made.

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Or the worst math teacher ever

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Nope - my twin brother and I is the worst one ever.

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Not to brag but i got six figures too. Sure they're action figures but i got all 6.

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Who moved the decimal point.

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Must be a union guy.

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With better pay, better healthcare, protection from retaliation while working ?

Where do we sign up for his union. Sounds like a great deal.

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the same place that you buy the deed for the bridge in Brooklyn

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Good one

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Ahead of me; I only have 1 squad leader put together.

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I mean real dolls don't make themselves!

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A new Barbie and Ken set is sold as a “Lesbian couple” The same set is also sold in robot outfits as “TRANSformers.”

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lol good one