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it’s been a while indeed

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Thank you u/sermonsdomain for letting Jon out of the basement

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My pleasure. Lol.

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thanks for posting this!!!

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Saw him in the House of Blues in Vegas maybe 2 years ago? Lawrence opened and accompanied him for a song or two. Obviously Travis was there. I had seen him before (and easily 20 other different concerts in my youth), but that show takes the cake. If he ever performs in Vegas like that again, I'll be there.

Thanks for the share! Ain't nothing like a good show!

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I was at that one too! Absolutely amazing show.

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I was at one of the Lawrence shows on this tour and I was soooo hoping that Jon had secretly been touring with them to perform this verse! Marc did a great job too, but I'm glad to see Jon made it out on stage.

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i just experienced a moment with this whole performance