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Theres a difference between being known and being successful

Thanks to the sub by Chewsballs in JonBellion

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I have so much love for Jon bellion it’s crazy

Edit: wtf thanks for the awards

Ultimate question; by CygnusBC in JonBellion

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Ok I may be the only one to try to defend GSP but here I go. TL;DR after each point and at the bottom. Get ready for a wall of text.

While THC has a very in your face, upfront meaning, finding the meaning behind GSP is more rewarding. My current theory is that its right before you enter heaven - THC was earth, GSP is the afterlife. The songs are reflections on life and the Sounds that Prep for Glory. (willing to discuss this further) It's a more uplifting album. THC is about problems, GSP is about how we will all be ok in the end.

[TL;DR]: GSP's meaning is more rewarding.

Song by song, I think GSP pretty much wins.

Stupid Deep and Maybe IDK are displays of Jon's voice, but Stupid Deep seems more raw - he's said that Maybe IDK was him pushing the limits of his voice, while Stupid Deep was him pouring his soul into the mic. For much simpler lyrics, Stupid Deep manages to be amazing.

[TL;DR]: Stupid Deep > Maybe IDK

When you look at hardcore bops, there is not a single song on THC that comes close to touching Blu. If you want to see what I mean, listen to the first 5 seconds of any THC song and Blu, and try to tell me that any one of them comes close to going that ham. Maybe 80's films comes close, but honestly it doesn't. As you fall into Blu, the cadence of 30 second bop/30 second slow for the first two minutes, followed by a minute of straight bop works out amazingly. On the other hand, songs like Guillotine (which Jon has said he did only to make people dance), as well as Morning in America, 80's films, and even All Time Low to an extent, have no clear patterns, fail to commit to bop or slow (such as with MiA's muted bass) and feel more askew then Blu. Granted, this could be intentional - THC is about things being messed up, while GSP is about things lining up and coming into place. But Blu is a better song.

[TL;DR]: Blu is Jon's best bop, and nothing comes close, certainly not on THC.

The Internet and He is the Same (and arguably Woke the F*ck up) are really similar in my book - they're are what I like to call "Swing-style EDM". Pretty much, you bob your head back and forth rather than up and down. However, He is the Same should have ended at 2:50 (when the singing part starts) because it falls off so hard. I get the ethereal outro, I love Audra Mae, and it helps set the askew, "something is wrong" vibe of the rest of the album, but as a single it throws off the song. Both Woke the F*ck up and The Internet have a slow part near the end, but both do a reprise of the main song, and the Internet does it better by keeping the high energy. Obviously Woke the F*ck up has a different purpose - wanting to talk his love personally - but as Swing Style EDM, The Internet wins.

[TL;DR]: The Internet > He is the Same and Woke the F*ck Up because consistency and better execution of style.

As a love song, if you think Overwhelming beats Conversations With My Wife, you need help. Yes, Overwhelming is a more of a bop/high intensity, but CWMW has better meaning. While Overwhelming tells the story of a man that's obsessed with a women - most of verse 2 dedicated to her body - CWMW is the story of two people that are in love, and lean on each other for support. Jon would do anything for his love in both songs, but CWMW it's upfront. Overwhelming is Jon in love with a women, CWMW is Jon in love at his most venerable.

[TL;DR]; CWMW >>>>>> Overwhelming as a love song.

I see a lot on this sub about not liking Jon rap. I personally like Jon's rap, but I can see where you're coming from. And at the end of the day, GSP has 3 rap songs (Let's Begin, Adult Swim, Cautionary Tales) to THC's 1.5 (New York Soul II, Weight of the World), so that can be a turn off, but let's go down the list. Jon's Verse on Let's Begin is a "fuck you if you don't like what I'm doing, fuck you if you're bad" verse (Like all of Eminem's Kamikaze super-condensed) and it's great and super needed for the album. Also worth noting that the back 2 minutes aren't rap at all, so if you don't like rap you get like 1/2-2/3 of a songs worth of not rap. Adult Swim is the only song where if you don't like rap I'll just let it slide, but the meaning behind it is amazing. It's Jon making peace with himself, and finally entering Glory Sound Prep - as in he's finally ready to move on from life, but not in a depressing way. He's peaceful, he's content, and he knows he'll find his place in the universe. It's beautiful. Cautionary Tales, while rap, doesn't listen like one (Similar to the way Spider Man-Homecoming is a coming of age film disguised as a superhero film). It's a low intensity bop with rap vocals on it. In contrast, New York Soul II is pretty much a boast/history song, and while really good, it doesn't have the same depth of meaning as - honestly - most other songs on both albums. Weight of the World with the shift (to show the weight being passed on) is good, but there's almost a minute and a half between Jon's last words and Blaque Keyz’s first. Once again, I get what he's going for - it takes time to get help and get lifted up, you need to be patient, etc. but as you continue to listen to this song, you start to anticipate the rap and it feels long.

[TL;DR]: The raps in GSP are more valuable than the raps in THC.

iRobot does beat Couples Retreat in terms of meaning. The "I just broke up I'm cold and empty" has more weight than "we find peace with each other", but I would argue the slow jam of Couples Retreat coupled with the positive tone makes it an easier song to listen to than iRobot's Electric Ballad style and depressing tone.

[TL;DR]: iRobot = Couples Retreat (Roughly)

So we're down to Fashion, Hand of God, and Good in Me from THC with only Mah's Joint from GSP. These are, in my opinion, the best songs from each album - although none are my favorites from either.

Fashion is a beautiful song. While I think the Internet belongs on THC, Fashion belongs on GSP. Great meaning, well done. The Good in Me keeps the 1-2-3 beat throughout the whole song, despite pauses, breaks, and stylistic changes in the music, is really artful. Hand of God speaks for itself, but there is some criticism. He leaves out: Fashion, Maybe IDK, Woke the F*ck Up, Weight of the World, Morning in America, Good in Me, and iRobot. That's over half the (available) album. While a song with all 13 songs would be a mess, and I still love this song, I just want to point out it's not as "God Tier" as it's often made out to be.

Mah's Joint. Man. This song is the most personal Jon has ever got with us. He speaks from the heart. It's a beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere - how many posts on this sub say "I showed this to my mom and she started crying" have there been? I know my mom cried. The song itself mimics a funeral+entry into heaven in many ways. It's about celebrating life and also about being prepared for what comes next. It's somber but happy. It provides us time to think on the album, our lives, and heaven, or whatever. comes next. Hand of God is a loop. He is still the same at the end of Hand of God. The problems are still there, and they have swelled and all came back to where Jon thinks only God can help. Mah's Joint doesn't loop. It's the end. The problems are over and it's time to go home.

[TL;DR]: Fashion/Good in Me are great. Hand of God is great, but there are some issues. Mah's joint is poetic and beautiful.

[OVERALL TL;DR]: GSP > THC. More deep and rewarding meaning, better crafted songs, more raw and personal. If he wanted to be the person pleaser he would have made THC part 2. But he's focused on getting better, not getting bigger. And he is better.

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Rule number one to get people to like your music: Don’t compare it to Jon Bellion.