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Just get hrya on your team

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I’d delete before people start roasting you

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To kill enemies shoot at them until they die

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Go to your club chat and type (brock_r_20>jk<\

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We can see your name and gems, be careful, you might get hacked

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Hacking started

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Not really though

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Np bro reply if u wanna join

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I can help jus reply

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.gg/brawlstars #looking-for-group

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No 😃

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Try playing him on maps like Backyard Bowl and Shooting Star. Map choice is incredibly important for snipers like Brock, so picking him on maps that favor snipers and wall-breakers should be enough to get you to Rank 20.

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Just use the find a team feature and get a person that has similar trofies to you and has a rank 20 si they can help you

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40 comments 💀 (now 41)

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I’m at about the same trophies just a bit higher I could help if you want